FLORES: Coronavirus Props Up Cuomo as Madam Secretary Takes the #MeToo Axe to Biden and Bloomberg Yanks a Billion from Sleepy Joe

By Joaquin Flores


May 3rd 2020 UPDATE – The fix against Biden has begun to snowball. Events over the last few days give prove the accuracy of my April 4th prognosis, below. Biden’s recent MSNBC interview went badly for him, with the show’s host continuing to hammer him over the sexual assault allegations made by Tara Reade, a former staffer.


By Joaquin Flores – Published on: Apr 4, 2020It became increasingly clear, right? The DNC nomination process was really just aimed at derailing Bernie Sanders campaign, despite his groveling and failure to rise to the historical moment. Biden nevertheless couldn’t possibly be the DNC nominee. There was just no way, not in his present condition. 2016 Biden maybe, but in the past few years his cognitive decline has become all the more evident. His last few TV appearances and a strange virtual town-hall went very badly for him.

Now we’ve seen the DNC’s sheepdogs like The Young TurksThe Hill’s Rising, and Jimmy Dore, all fall in line and report out on the resuscitated claims against Biden. That’s how we know this isn’t a form of vetting that builds upon his electability. This has all come up before, and when things already settled come up again and again, and they come from inside the DNC itself, that’s how we know the fix is in against our failed fixer himself.

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Coronavirus changed everything

Maybe there was some idea that the novel coronavirus would work out well for Democrats – the collapsed economy, public disapproval of Trump’s response. But two strange events went down in the middle of March that may be related. Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft and Bloomberg backed out of his billion-dollar pledge to defeat Trump ‘at any cost’, leaving the DNC with a meagre $18 million dollar ‘thanks’.

Bloomberg was Biden’s meal ticket. This is the real scandal about to be exposed, when it’s discovered that Biden has no real fundraising to defeat Trump. And how that went down was no accident.

The #MeToo axe being taken to Biden, and the fact that his dementia is becoming more and more a talking point among DNC sheepdogs, and is no longer denied by any Democrat having an off-record conversation, truly raises some very big questions. It also makes other things increasingly likely.

If it comes from the DNC, this is Hillary’s move – point blank.

While TYT, Rising, and Dore all seem to have been pro-Bernie and ‘anti-Hillary’, thinking people aren’t fooled. Appearances are such just because the entire base of the party was pro Bernie and anti-Hillary. You have to meet people where they are at – the sheepdog has to run alongside the sheep for quite a few long strides in order to herd them in the desired direction. The three related YouTube endeavors who share an interlocking directorate of backers, all operate towards the same goal, with each channel playing to a particular grade or hue of Democrat. TYT is for those who hate Hillary the least, Rising sits in between TYT and Dore, as Dore is there for those who just might even vote Trump as a ‘spite’ vote and really already know it’s been time for a third party for decades – Dore’s job is to keep them involved in ‘Democrat resultant politics’ and promoting down-ballot ‘progressives Democrats’ like the psy-op AOC, while never openly endorsing Clinton or the DNC’s shenanigans at the top.

In the past few days, all of them have brought up the #MeToo allegation from former staffer for Joe Biden Tara Reade, who is making the rounds now recounting her experience from the 1990s with then-Senator Joe Biden. This now shockingly includes the use of the words ‘sexual assault’, along with the previous and more mild (version of the same), inappropriate touching.

Her denial of legal resources from the Time’s Up #MeToo organization previously was at first given a rather weak reason. This organization behind #MeToo claims that as a nonprofit, they can’t make a charge against Biden because he’s a candidate for office. But the hashtag and memetic #MeToo feels otherwise. This much doesn’t really matter, and those claims are pre-existent – they had been there to give Biden the veneer of protection from the #MeToo Twitter Stormtroopers. All the while, we had only heard of the Bernie Bros misogyny against Pocahontas Warren.

Doesn’t that candidate excuse echo Biden’s Burisma invincibility armor as well? A candidate can’t be implicated, but a sitting president can be impeached – riddle me that one.

And what of Clinton – will she take “O’Biden’s” place?

The DNC has been engaged again in its ‘auto-leaks’, where it begins to promote an idea in virtual spheres at a distance, simulating that the notion had come organically from netizens themselves. This time, it’s that the Queen of Warmongers, Madam Secretary Clinton herself, would ‘step up’ and become the DNC nominee.

The poll numbers are already there, and event gambling sites are already giving odds. These odds have spiked in recent days.

What’s more? Rasmussen’s been running scientific polling data on the question since October 2019. In reporting now that Trump vs. Clinton is ‘Still Neck and Neck’ – they explain:

<<Among her fellow Democrats, 48% see a Clinton nomination as likely, 46% as unlikely. This includes 17% who say it’s Very Likely and 20% who consider it Not At All Likely.>>

The neoliberal BBC was among the best ‘foreign’ press examples of Clinton’s actually existing presidential campaign for 2020. Here we are informed that Madam Secretary is “under enormous pressure to run in 2020”. This much is featured, while in the entire text we are never informed that this pressure comes from anywhere besides Clinton’s own second, third, or fourth personality. Indeed, the BBC explains:

<<“I will certainly tell you, I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it.

“But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.”

Mrs. Clinton did not elaborate on who was pressuring her to mount what would be her third White House campaign.>>

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We offer this slight clarification: “At this moment, no, but in the previous moment and in the following moment, yes.”

Clinton had set up the terrain for some time, refusing to go away. She produced and featured in a Hulu original documentary about … herself! Fittingly titled Hillary, this love-letter exalts her own legacy as seen through her own eyes; she’s the most caring, righteous, progressive, skilled, and qualified historical figure in living American history. The adversities she’s faced makes MLK Jr. seem like some out-of-touch mansplaining privilege lord. Clinton deserves to be president, don’t you see?

Why was this doco produced? Narcissism alone can’t explain its timing. As this author previously wrote – none of these antics are a bug, they are a feature.

She’s also written yet another book, with the same narrative themes as the doco, titled The Book of Gutsy Women. ‘Gutsy’ seems strangely appropriate when we look at the ‘guts’ used in Marina Abramovic’s ritualistic cannibalism, the Clinton’s Rasputin.

As for Cuomo, we will deal with Cuomo, because there are various possible combinations which insert Clinton in the end.

On a certain level it’s practically unbelievable that a person so fantastically despised not only by potential swing voters but by her own party’s base, would continue on like this. The lack of self-awareness is stunning indeed, but more unbelievable is that it forces decent people to once again confront the charmless neurosis of clinical narcissism and sociopathology.

She can’t help that arrogant smirk and head wobble when she thinks she’s said something brilliant. It begins even as she takes a seat. It’s strange in that it communicates a sort of a child-like state of ecstasy as well – likely giving psychoanalysts a field day as they connect her psychopathology to early childhood events.

There’s been so much written about why she’s disliked that over-complicates that point. As this author wrote at the end of 2015, Clinton needed to transcend her own limitations and accomplish a narrative arc of transformation simply by being apologetic. She doesn’t have this in her, and along with the head wobble and smirk, that’s what it boils down to. Not neo-liberal policies – she’s capable of lying about progressive stances. Re-watching her first debate with Trump, there was nothing she said that didn’t come from Bernie Sanders talking-point arsenal.

Yes, psychopaths can feign sincere apologies – in fact they excel at them often. People elect likable psychopaths all the time. What makes Hillary strange is the combination of this pathology combined with an aggressive lack of self-awareness.

As this Coronavirus pandemic hysteria either persists or blows-over, and the real economic crisis it attempted to take credit for ruins the lives of millions of Americans – the gamble now is that Trump will be unable to act decisively, and that Clinton can run against this.

No, Clinton wouldn’t do any better were she the president, this much is known. But she will be running against the sitting president and how the media – which she has tremendous sway over – construes his response. This comes as her very own Pelosi worked to derail the more progressive aspects of Trump’s first round recovery and aid package, and media reported out the literal opposite. And therein lies the rub and the growing possibility that Madam Secretary is aiming to be finally crowned the long-overdue honorific, Madam President.

And Corona-hero Cuomo?

Like Giuliani who became America’s hero after 9-11, a very real event – at least a real as the Coronavirus pandemic that has struck the U.S. – Cuomo has become America’s governor. Just like Madam Secretary, he has denied any intention to run for office ‘someday’ (people are talking 2024, which is alarming for weird reasons once you think that one through to its two only logical paths). But yet, media keeps asking him about it.

Are we really to believe this played out arc of the reluctant protagonist? Will ‘moderate’ Dems have to ‘recruit’ Cuomo to his historical destiny, despite his scripted deference to ‘compassionate and competent Joe Biden’?

Cuomo hasn’t been vetted, there’s likely many things that Epstein will reveal about Cuomo once he testif …. Ahh haa! But interesting images are circulating around of Cuomo in a polo shirt giving a coronavirus briefing, and his kinky sex-fetish nipple rings are abundantly and obviously poking through that thin shirt.

The truth is that there’s no time. No time to vet Cuomo, this is an emergency, and the DNC convention has been delayed by a month – for now. Will it be delayed again? The truth is that Trump set a new standard, being sleezy or creepy is no longer a campaign killer in real life. But it can be used to cover for the fact that Bloomberg pulled out right as Gates stepped down from Microsoft. The conspiracy sphere is having a field day with the fact that both were the primary sponsors of the Event 201 scenario-drill from just last October, and then the U.S. is hit with the same event – but with live ammunition – or as Mike Pompeo said ‘This is a live exercise’, slipped in during a White House press briefing on Corona in the third week of March.

These are the conspiracy theories and – who knows, maybe planted – Easter eggs that the hardcore post Q-Anon Trump sector will drill into the public through Reddit and beyond.

But something happened that forced out the primary Event 201 sponsors that forced one to step down, and the other to step out.

And as a result, Biden is decreasingly viable. The real problem is how Hillary can get herself back in the campaign. Will it be Sanders-Clinton? Clinton-Cuomo? Cuomo-Clinton? Biden-Clinton?

This is what we need to be asking now regarding the 2020 election – if, that is, there is one.

Is it a done deal? Not yet – but at this time as we enter April, an increasingly strong argument can be made that Clinton is absolutely angling her way to be Madam President. By hook or by crook – the Clinton way.

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