Heavy Shelling by Ukrop Nazis on Fool’s Day Eve

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Last night, FRN reported on heavy shelling of Donbass, perpetrated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Today we got the confirmation of the attack by Russell “Texas” Bentley.

FRN Editorial Board

Ukrainian nazis and war criminals unleashed heavy shelling on the entire DPR last night in a coordinated attack from the Mariupol area in the south all the way to Gorlovka. Civilian houses and apartments were targeted, as well as civilian infrastructure including electric transmission lines and  seven brand new busses for public transport. The number of heavy shells fired in the 24 hour period was 427, almost double the previous day’s 233 shells.

The failed outlaw state of Ukraine, in the midst of a world-wide pandemic for which they are woefully unprepared, has escalated their attacks and war crimes against the Donbass Republics. It should be noted that Ukraine military and government are mere lackeys of the US and take their orders from their gauleiters in the US military, CIA and US State Department stationed in Kiev, and ultimately, it is these US fascist scum who are responsible for these crimes.

The continuation, and escalation, of the attacks on the Donbass Republics, like the criminal sanctions against Iran and Venezuela during a crisis and a world-wide pandemic, are clear indications of the depth of depravity and criminality of the US and Western ruling class. These parasites are truly a threat to the future of Humanity, and  it is a genuine war between ” them or us”. “Us” is all good people in the world, those who wish an equal and humane future for all people, and “They” are the parasites who wish to exterminate most of human kind and enslave the rest, and will stop at nothing to do so. There can be NO truce or treaty with these modern day nazis. Their word or treaties are not worth shit, every single thing they say or sign is a lie, and their every action is a treacherous and underhanded attack on the future of Humanity itself. Our choice is stark, but clear – victory or death. If Humanity does not rid itself of its parasites, once and for all, completely and permanently, these parasites will consume us, nature and the world, until there is nothing left.

Everything they say is a lie, but their actions speak for them – they are criminals and mass murderers, and can only be treated as such. Below is the list of their war crimes against civilians in the DPR in just the last 24 hours. Read and remember – What they do to us, they will do to you…


The representative office of the Donetsk People’s Republic in the JCCC informs: over the past day, the total number of violations by the EFL amounted to 35 times.

The following weapons were used throughout the territory of the DPR, in violation of the Minsk Agreements and the ceasefire agreements:

Gorlovsky direction: artillery 122 mm – 2 times (15 shells); mortar 82 mm – 2 times (12 min); RPG / LNG – 1 time (1 grenade); large-caliber small arms – 1 time; small arms – 1 time.

Donetsk direction: artillery 122 mm – 1 time (20 shells); mortar 120 mm – 4 times (22 mines); mortar 82 mm – 8 times (81 mines); BTR / BMP – 7 times (142 shots); anti-aircraft mounts – 1 time (20 shots); RPG / LNG – 8 times (16 grenades); AGS – 4 times (86 grenades); large-caliber small arms – 3 times; small arms – 1 time.

Mariupol direction: 82 mm mortar – 1 time (12 min).

The following districts / settlements were in under fire from Ukraine Army: Ozyeryanovka, Dolomitnoye, Gorlovka (village named after Gagarin), Mineralny, Spartak, Donetsk (Zhabichevo, village of Oktyabrskaya highway, Volvo Center “, DAP terminal, the village of Trudovskoy, the village of Abakumov mine), Staromikhailovka, Aleksandrovka, Kominternovo.

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‼ ️ As a result of shelling of Staromikhaylovka using BMP-1 recorded damage to residential buildings at the addresses:

▶ ️ st. Gorky, 17 (fencing);
▶ ️ st. Kotsyubinsky, 8 (facade, roof, windows).

‼ ️ As a result of mortar shelling of the Kuybyshevsky district of Donetsk, the glazing of a residential apartment at 15 Marshal Zhukov Ave., apt. 44.

‼ ️В n.p. Gorlovka under artillery fire got the KP “Tram-trolleybus control”: seven new Donbass buses and four trolley buses were damaged or completely out of order.

Also damaged power lines at: st. Merciless, 51.

‼ ️As a result of artillery shelling of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, damage to residential buildings was recorded at the addresses:

▶ ️ “Trudovskaya”, st. Carnival, 95 (the glazing is damaged, the wall is cut);
▶ ️ n.p. Staromikhaylovka, st. Kotsyubinsky, 44 (direct hit in the roof of the house, windows broken).

There were no casualties among civilians for the reporting period.

The total number of heavy ammunition – 427 units.

Recall that the number of ammunition released with a caliber of up to 12.7 mm is not included in the total statistics of the quantity of ammunition in the daily summary.

On the previous day the amount of ammunition used in the territory of the DPR amounted to 233 units.

Starting from 00:01 (Moscow time) on July 21, 2019, in accordance with the agreement reached by the Contact Group, a renewed commitment to comply with a comprehensive, unconditional, stable and unlimited ceasefire has entered into force.

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