Hiding Bodies? NYC to bury dead Covid-19 victims on ‘Island of the Dead’


This is very strange. Why on earth would Hart Island be used, as if there would be, or are, so many bodies that are ‘unclaimed’. We are looking to confirm a report that ‘paralysants’ – drugs used to paralyze patients for organ harvesting, are in short supply in NYC and that these are allegedly contraindicated for respiratory illness. This is far from confirmed, but this raises questions. This island is not accessible by the general public. It raises many other questions relating to transparency.  – J. Flores


NYC – New York officials say that Hart Island, which for decades has been used as the last refuge for those whose bodies have been unclaimed by their loved ones for burial purposes, will now be used for the “unclaimed coronavirus victims” of Covid-19. CNN writes about this today

“It is likely that people who died from the coronavirus will be buried on the island in the coming days,” said New York Mayor’s spokesman Freddy Goldstein .

Recent drone photographs show bodies already buried in Hart Island, which New Yorkers call the Island of the Dead.

According to Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA), in the state of New York to date, more than 161,000 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered, 7067 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 have died.

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Hart Island has been used by the city as a public cemetery for over 150 years and is managed by the New York City Department of Corrections. According to Goldstein, those buried on Hart Island are mostly people who turned out to be “unclaimed” in local morgues for a period of 30 to 60 days. More than a million people are buried here.

According to Goldstein, the city transfers unclaimed bodies to Hart Island to leave free places in cemeteries for other coronavirus victims whose bodies will be taken by their loved ones.

The new rules of the specialized medical services of the largest American metropolis say that the bodies will be delivered to the “Island of the Dead” if they remain unclaimed for two weeks.

According to recent data, nearly 469 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in the United States, 16697 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 died.

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