MAJOR: Italy Announces Re-Opening Starting May 4


ROME – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte from his Facebook page on Monday evening, April 20, informed citizens about his government’s plans to rebuild one of the largest European economies, which suffered from the global pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19. The government is finalizing a plan to gradually unlock the country’s economy starting May 4, he stressed.

However, Conte warned compatriots of the need to remain vigilant. According to him, this should be a gradual process, because “the immediate discovery of everything will be irresponsible and will increase the risk of infection.”

“Many citizens are tired of the efforts made so far and would like to significantly weaken these measures or even completely repeal them,” Conte wrote in his long post. – And I would like to say: “Let’s open everything. Immediately”. This government has put the protection of citizens’ health in the first place, and it is definitely sensitive to the goal of maintaining an efficient production system. But such a decision would be irresponsible. This would make the infection curve grow in an uncontrolled way, and would nullify all the efforts that we have made so far. “

The Prime Minister noted that the progress made in aligning the distribution curve of coronavirus cannot be sacrificed to calm public opinion or dissatisfied companies.

The gradual opening of the economy will follow a structured plan, and not rely on “improvisation” to not only reduce the risk of infection, but also reduce the burden on the health system.

“The plan must be detailed and thorough in order to reduce risks. For example, it should include not only a workplace safety protocol, but also guidelines for public and private transport, as well as how to control density and social distances, ”wrote the head of the Italian government.

According to recent data, in Italy more than 181 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed, 24114 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 died. The course of treatment in intensive care units is 2573 people.

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