MAJOR: Trump turns fire on Bill Gates’ WHO – Cuts-off funding in bold move


WASHINGTON D.C – President Trump has just cut-off the WHO from funds, in an order carried out on Tuesday. The president is demanding that questions are answered surrounding their failure to warn the international community on the nature of the coronavirus.

The WHO receives tremendous funding from Bill Gates’s supposed philanthropy. Trump’s order will affect the part of the WHO’s funding that comes from the US government. As a consequence, much of WHO’s policies especially in areas of family planning and vaccination policy world-wide, are heavily influenced by a number of Bill Gates’ controlled groups, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Linsey McGoey, Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex, UK, and author of No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropyis profoundly skeptical of philanthropy as a whole, claiming it can actually sometimes harm democracy in the long run: “Philanthropy can and is being used deliberately to divert attention away from different forms of economic exploitation that underpin global inequality today” she told MintPress News.

As Foreign Affairs noted, “few policy initiatives or normative standards set by the World Health Organization are announced before they have been casually, unofficially vetted by Gates Foundation staff.” In this sense, his wealth is extraordinarily anti-democratic, giving him veto power over the decisions and directions of organizations that should be collectively made by the highest representatives of the world’s population, not by one very rich man. And Gates is far from omnipotent, holding many of the patronizing assumptions about developing countries and how best to organize the world that one would expect a rich American tech geek to hold.

McGoey spells out the problem with this corporate attitude to development:

The Gates Foundation has spent twenty years relentlessly championing ‘business solutions’ to inequality and poverty. Through this corporate approach, Mr. Gates personally and the Gates Foundation more generally have enhanced the power and clout of corporations at every level of decision-making, at the regional, national and international level. The Gates Foundation has helped make philanthropy a handmaiden to corporate power rather than helped to empower the non-profit sector to act as a check on corporate profiteering and abuses of power.”

Trump’s criticisms of the WHO mount

The president criticized the WHO for criticizing his travel ban on China during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

While it would appear that Trump’s punitive measures aimed at the WHO are in fact meant to continue to draw a line in the sand between his policy and those of Bill Gates and Dr.  Fauci, Trump chose a cautious path in attacking the WHO’s early recommendations. Trump believes that these recommendations were misleading, and tended to aid in the spread of the virus.

“The WHO’s attack on travel restrictions put political correctness above life-saving measures,” Trump said.

This decision was announced by the president at a press conference in the Rose Garden on Tuesday.

Furthermore, the president articulated that the WHO played a role in “mismanaging and covering up” the rates of coronavirus contagion in its earliest stages around the world.

“The WHO pushed China’s misinformation about the virus, saying it was not communicable and there was no need for travel bans,” he said.

Trump further cast aspersions on the Gates dominated global health group for relying too much on Chinese information, despite the United States paying a majority of their funding. In Trump’s view, the US should not be funding any organization which places the lives of Americans in jeopardy.

“The WHO’s reliance on China’s disclosures likely caused a twenty-fold of cases worldwide, and it may be much more than that,” he said.

Trump went further to point out that the WHO had not investigated information found to be credible relating to the virus itself. Based on his assessments, China withheld critical information and in addition, the WHO itself did not acquire samples of the virus so that other scientists could begin to investigate the nature of the novel corona virus which causes Covid-19

Tying the WHO’s mismanagement to Chinese policy, the president castigated China for spreading false information and for disappearing medical researchers who were critical of the initial Chinese response at the end of last year.

“Had the WHO done its job to get medical experts into China to objectively assess the situation on the corned and to call out China’s lack of transparency, the outbreak could have been contained at its source,” he said.

Trump’s freeze on funding is pending a review – it appears that the president is looking for an apology and full disclosure from the organization. Such information may furthermore help investigators understand the real connection between the WHO policy and the influence of Bill Gates.

“If we cannot trust that, this is what we will receive from the WHO, our country will be forced to find other ways to work with other nations to achieve public health goals,” Trump said.

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