Polish soldiers open fire on German trying to leave Czech Republic


WARSAW – Today in Poland  (April 28), an attempt was made to illegally cross the border with the Czech Republic.

The incident occurred on the Polish-Czech border in the city of Pilce, where the border is guarded by soldiers of the 10th Opole Logistics Brigade. According to Interia.pl, a German citizen who is a permanent resident in the Czech Republic decided to enter Poland at a site that is closed as part of the fight against coronavirus infection.

According to the representative of the military captain Peter Pluchennik , several times the German did not obey the orders of the soldiers, trying to move the border by car. As a result, the Polish military were forced to make several warning shots, after which the man was arrested and handed over to the border guards.

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This is the second incident on the Opole section of the state border in recent days. A few days earlier, soldiers had detained three Czech citizens who reportedly “unconsciously crossed the border.” In this case, the case ended with an oral warning.

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