President Trump, leave Venezuela alone, attend to the Coronavirus

By: Ángel R. Veras Aybar


By: Ángel R. Veras Aybar, from El Dia

In the midst of a planetary disgrace, the arrogant government of the United States has decided to line up cannons against President Nicolás Maduro and other top Venezuelan officials. The interventionist action and violation of the most elementary norms of peaceful coexistence are carried out based on a campaign of discredit and bordering on the ridiculous, since an alleged conspiracy of criminal crimes by Maduro and his officials is established, and they even go so far as to offer rewards those who report on the whereabouts or location of the Constitutional President of Venezuela.

In their provocative plan, the Americans and their acolytes from Colombia do not hide their actions and take as an actor a retired military man, who before they announced the amount of the reward for his location, was already giving himself to the American agents in the territory Colombian, this in a very calm way, without shackles and if you want with your family.

For several decades, the fact that the world does not have rules of coexistence or those that existed from October 24, 1945 with the UN Charter has been ignored by the great powers and we are facing a world society under the chaos or the law of save yourself who can.

The aggressions and interventions of the United States and other powers occur with some frequency, but the current excuses and pretexts look more mean than in the past, for who would think that the President of a State would be offering a reward if someone informed him on the location of the president of another state and worse, preparing a subject to say that he is part of the supposed plan to export drugs to the United States, as happened with the former Venezuelan general based in Colombia.

After announcing the existence of an accusatory file against Maduro and some officials, via the United States Attorney General, Mr. Donald Trump has decided to carry out a military action with the deployment of naval and air troops under the pretext of avoiding the shipment of drugs. towards its territory, the operation covers areas of the Pacific and part of the Caribbean near Venezuela. Of course it is not a simple military exercise; but it has the firm intention of trying to invade Venezuela and for that they will carry out the skirmishes that are necessary in order to test the capacity of response or resistance that our sister South American nation possesses.

It goes without saying that the operation against Venezuela is carried out regardless of whether it constitutes a mockery of Public International Law and American International Law, which prohibit this type of action to the detriment of sovereign nations.

There are various treaties and conventions that stipulate on matters relating to compliance with the Principle of Non-Intervention and Self-Determination of Nations, but the governments of the USA, now with the support of lackeys from the continent, consider that this is a dead letter or house of the past.

The causes for which we are witnessing the North American aggressions against Venezuela, can be verified in the following:

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a) That as of 1998, Venezuelans chose a different way of administering their Republic, distanced themselves from the model imposed by the great powers on these weak and dependent nations. They chose to direct the way of managing their natural resources, they decided to help the countries of the region through the oil project or Petrocaribe. Venezuelans put into practice an economic and social model based on the reduction of inequalities and

b) That in the aspect related to the management of its links with the exterior, the Bolivarian government insisted on getting the subjugated nations to associate in order to show the existence of real sovereignty and not of general captainships. Hence they promoted the Alba, CELAC and other instruments that expressed the desire to travel the paths of independence, solidarity and progress for these nations victims of oppression since the arrival of the Spanish invader.

For many citizens of the globe, the government of Venezuela is a monster, anti-human and violator of rules of coexistence; but it happens that we are facing a systematization of lies via the media, which perhaps is helped to some extent by the absence of greater rigor in the exercise of government or in the handling of class struggles by the rulers of this nation; which as a way to prevent the oligarchy from following the blackmail, showing it as monsters; they have not put in place stricter measures to end the internal and external conspiracy, in other words they have not applied the full weight of power to their adversaries.

For few people the story is credible that in Venezuela what is at stake is the existence of human rights; the alleged drug trafficking; democracy or dictatorship; there what is at stake is the North American desire to control its wealth, with the understanding that it is the largest oil reserve in the world; in addition to constituting a State with a territorial extension of about 1 million square kilometers and more; It is a regime that has wanted to share its material assets or its mining wealth with those nations that it has considered to be twinned for hundreds of years.

Those who conspire against the Venezuelan government have resorted to the use of a deputy who presides over the National Assembly and who under the unfortunate pretext that the May 2018 elections were supposedly fraudulent, has declared the presidential vacuum and opted to proclaim himself interim president, but who even if the strict compliance with the Venezuelan Constitution continues and assuming that a vacuum has occurred, this subject had 1 month to hold elections, which is very far from being able to fulfill it, since he has been entertaining for a long time and playing the role of international clown .

In our humble opinion, the government of Maduro Moro and the Venezuelan people have before them a choice or allow themselves to be overthrown or squeezed by direct confrontation against external and internal conspirators, which must happen first, by decreeing a state of emergency. facing real threats; but also, because the best way to demonstrate its legality consists in putting into practice the ways and actions that the constitution itself puts in its hands. For the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela the time is for combat against the aggressor and for us, your brothers, the time is for solidarity in all areas and real action as far as possible.

Long live Free and Sovereign Venezuela and No to the Invasion of the USA and its Acolytes.

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