REPORT: Syrian Villagers Routinely Block US Military Convoys

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Farafrah, Hasaka Province, Syria – The local residents of a small village in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasaka have blocked the passage of an American military convoy through their community, Syrian state media reported.

SANA news agency reported on Wednesday that the residents of Farafrah Village, near the Kurdish-populated city of Qamishli in Hasaka, had blocked the road and thrown stones at the American military convoy, forcing it to leave the area. The US military convoy was forced to “go back to where it came from”.

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This was the third such incident in the month as sentiments simmer against the presence of US and other illegal foreign occupying forces in the area. Last Thursday, local people in the Syrian village of Abu Qasaib in Hasaka stopped a US military convoy and forced the US troops to return to their base.

Earlier in the month, a similar incident had occurred in Hamo, near Qamishli. Over the past days, the US has dispatched truckloads of military and logistical equipment to Syria’s Hasaka as part of its plots to seize oil reserves and plunder natural resources in the war-battered country.

SANA reported on last Saturday that a convoy of at least 35 trucks, carrying cement blocks and logistic supplies, had crossed into Syrian territory through the illegitimate border crossing of al-Walid.

The United States and its NATO and Wahhabi allies have also been providing militants from the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with arms and military training. In late October 2019, Washington reversed an earlier decision to pull out all of its troops from northeastern Syria, announcing the deployment of about 500 soldiers to the oil fields controlled by Kurdish forces in the Arab country.

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