‘That was fast’ – Russian Military sent to Serbia to combat Coronavirus


MOSCOW – The Russian Ministry of Defense sent the first military transport aircraft Il-76 VKS to Serbia today, April 3, with equipment and specialists for combating coronavirus infection. The board took off from the Chkalovsky airfield.

“The aircraft will deliver to the Bataynitsa airfield (20 km northwest of Belgrade) an advanced group of military doctors, specialists in the field of virology and epidemiology with modern equipment for epidemiological diagnostics and disinfection measures,” the Russian military department said.

At present, at the military airfield Chkalovsky are in readiness for the transfer of eight medical and nursing teams equipped with modern medical equipment and equipment by IL-76 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces to Serbia. A team of specialists at the Russian Chemicals Protection Plant, which will carry out disinfection, has also been prepared. It is emphasized that all of them are provided with “complexes of analysis of pathogenic materials, aerosol disinfection of vehicles, buildings and structures and the necessary supply of disinfectants.”

According to the Ministry of Defense, it is planned to make 11 flights of military transport aircraft, which will be delivered to Serbia by 87 military doctors, specialist virologists of the Russian Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, special medical equipment, as well as protective equipment and 16 units of military equipment.

“On instructions from the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Russia, Vladimir Putin , Defense Minister General of the Army Sergey Shoigu, instructions were given to create an air group to expeditiously deliver assistance to the Republic of Serbia from April 3 to combat the spread of coronavirus infection,” the ministry emphasized.

On April 2nd, Russian President Vladimir Putin held telephone conversations with the head of Serbia, Alexander Vučić . According to the Kremlin’s press service, it was agreed that Russia would provide humanitarian assistance to Serbia and send doctors and disinfection specialists.

According to the Serbian publication Srpski Telegraf, the package of Russian assistance to Serbia includes 100 ventilation devices, protective equipment, as well as related equipment necessary to combat the Covid-19 epidemic.

The publication specified that Russia will send to Serbia 5 thousand tests for coronavirus, 3 million disposable masks, 500 thousand masks with an FFP2 filter, 20 thousand masks with an FFP3 filter, 3 million disposable gloves, 150 thousand disposable overalls, 150 thousand disposable hats, 150 thousand pairs of shoe covers, 150 thousand disposable gowns, 50 thousand “visors” (referring to mask screens), 1 thousand pairs of rubber boots, 6 tons of alcohol-based liquid gel for hand disinfection, 50 tons disinfectants for public transport and public places (chlorine powder), 100 spraying machines concomitant means 100 and ventilation units 500 noncontact thermometers.

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