The FRN Daily News Brief 2020-04-28

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This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 6, articles about Czech-Republic, Eurasia, Germany, Headline-News, Poland, China, Opinions, Anglo-5, Finance, United-States, Eu, Italy, United-Kingdom.

Tags in this brief: Coronavirus, Czech Republic, Freedom Of Movement, Germany, Lockdown, Poland, Prison Planet, Quarantine, Covid-19, Dr. Fauci, SARS-CoV-2, Wuhan Institute Of Virology, Capitalism, Economy, GreatAwakening, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Contact Tracing, Surveillance, Crimes Against Humanity, Deep State, Rockefellers, The Fed, Churchill, Fdr, Franklin Roosevelt, Iron Curtain, New Silk Road, Wallace, World War 3.

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Polish soldiers open fire on German trying to leave Czech Republic

Published 2020-04-28 22:55:33 by Joaquin Flores in Czech-Republic, Eurasia, Germany, Headline-News, Poland

WARSAW – Today in Poland  (April 28), an attempt was made to illegally cross the border with the Czech Republic. The incident occurred on the Polish-Czech border in the city of Pilce, where the border is guarded by soldiers of the 10th Opole Logistics Brigade. According to, a German citizen who is a permanent resident in the Czech Republic decided to enter Poland at a site that is closed as part of the fight against coronavirus infection. According to the representative of the military captain Peter Pluchennik , several times the German did not obey the orders of the soldiers, trying… Continue ->

Tags: Coronavirus, Czech Republic, Freedom Of Movement, Germany, Lockdown, Poland, Prison Planet, Quarantine

Renown Coronavirus Expert Dr. Shi Zhengli Provides PROOF – SARS COV-2 NOT an Accidental Release From Wuhan

Published 2020-04-28 22:04:56 by Guest Author in China, Eurasia, Headline-News, Opinions

By Jim White, from Empty Wheel SHI ZHENGLI PROVIDES PROOF SARS COV-2 WAS NOT AN ACCIDENTAL RELEASE FROM WUHAN INSTITUTE OF VIROLOGY On Saturday, I took a deep dive into the origin of SARS CoV-2, the virus that is the cause of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. That post was the result of several long days of deep reading and thinking. Somehow, I missed that Scientific American had put out an update on Friday of their profile of Dr. Shi Zhengli, the scientist responsible for much of what the world knows about bat coronaviruses, including isolating the bat coronavirus from Yunnan Province that is… Continue ->

Tags: Coronavirus, Covid-19, Dr. Fauci, SARS-CoV-2, Wuhan Institute Of Virology

Lockdown Therapy for Capitalism

Published 2020-04-28 20:15:30 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Finance, Headline-News, Opinions, United-States

By Hiroyuki Hamada – Originally at OffGuardian – One might think that artists wouldn’t mind being isolated and having more time in studios on account of the current Coronavirus situation. After all, we spend an enormous amount of time alone, and isolation allows us to have uninterrupted amounts of time to let our imaginations fly. But there are other elements in play when we examine creativity. For example, it is crucial that we feel safe to expose all our senses to our environment so that we ground our minds properly to our surroundings, harmoniously with all our channels open. When the… Continue ->

Tags: Capitalism, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Economy, GreatAwakening, Lockdown

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WATCH: “Stop calling it contact tracing!”

Published 2020-04-28 19:45:42 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-States

By Corbett Report – Originally at OffGuardian – The newest episode of James Corbett’s #PropagandaWatch tackles the latest re-brand of “mass surveillance”. What’s in a name? Everything. Find out about the latest attempt to package the Orwellian total police state surveillance grid as something wonderful and wholesome—and why you should never, ever say “contact tracing”—in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch. Follow The Corbett Report channel here, or visit the website

Tags: Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Contact Tracing, Coronavirus, Surveillance

COVID-19, We Are Now Living the “Lock Step Scenario”

Published 2020-04-28 18:55:45 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Eu, Eurasia, Finance, Headline-News, Italy, Opinions, United-States

By Peter Koenig The 25th of April is an important date in Italy’s history. It commemorates the 75th anniversary of  Liberation, which is also the Anniversary of the Resistance. On April 25, 2020, Commemorating the Liberation of Italy. We express our solidarity with the people of Italy. At the same time we express our concern regarding the US military bases established in Italy immediately established after World WarII.   Italy like many other countries is currently experiencing the COVID-19 crisis. This year on the 25th of April which commemorates Italy’s Liberation, we were not able to meet in Firenze to debate and discuss… Continue ->

Tags: Coronavirus, Covid-19, Crimes Against Humanity, Deep State, Economy, Rockefellers, The Fed

Might the Current Global Crisis Revive the Wallace/FDR Grand Design for Russia-China-USA Cooperation?

Published 2020-04-28 04:27:11 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-Kingdom, United-States

This article was written as part of the Rising Tide Foundation’s contribution to a conference celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Elbe Day on April 25-25, sponsored by the American University in Moscow where it was originally featured. The title of the conference was The Meaning of the Meeting on the Elbe after 75 Years: The Possibility and Necessity of Cooperation and featured speakers from over 40 nations. A fuller description of the event can be found here. On April 14th, President Putin re-iterated his January 15th, 2020 call for a new system to be created led by the 5 nuclear powers of the United Nations Security… Continue ->

Tags: Churchill, Deep State, Fdr, Franklin Roosevelt, Iron Curtain, New Silk Road, Wallace, World War 3

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