VIDEO – NYC Doctor: Is COVID-19 Really What We Think? It’s not Pneumonia, but a virally-induced ‘high-altitude sickness’

By Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, emergency medicine physician based in Brooklyn,  New York

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Analysis by Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, emergency medicine physician based in Brooklyn,  New York, affiliated with the Maimonides Medical Center.

According to Dr. Kyle Sidell, COVID-19  is an “Oxygen Deprivation Disease” dissimilar from Pneumonia

“I am a physician working closely with COVID-19 patients.

This comes from my observations. Please let me know what you think, those bedside: does it sound right, wrong, is there something more right? Time to get the message out. 

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“I fear that we are using a false paradigm to treat a new disease. …”

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