WATCH THIS: Are NYC Hospitals Killing Covid-19 Patients? This Nurse says they are

Nurse Discloses Credible Hearsay from Colleague


UPDATE – Another more recent testimony has emerged, which appears to confirm this one – it can be read here

April 27th, 2020

Dear Fort Russ Readers,   FRN has made a decision to re-broadcast this for educational purposes. We have been able to confirm the identity of the NP (Nurse Practitioner) in the video, and can establish that her credentials are as she presents. It is important to clarify that what she is relaying in this video is hearsay and not her own eye-witness testimony.

It is important to watch and for the broader community of citizen journalists and independent investigators to take up where this NP has left off. Our distribution of this piece is intended towards engendering a networked investigation into the claims presented.

Because what we are hearing here is, in various parts, already confirmed in various reports elsewhere (Dr. Sidell, etc.) – all that is unique here is that there are RN’s and NP’s on the inside who are aware that there is a broken protocol. But this protocol is so absurdly broken, that it raises serious questions of ‘towards what ends?’.

Is the use of the term ‘murder’ appropriate? That depends on if all the facts pan, and also on the legal jurisdiction in question. In the US there are various levels of criminal negligence in homicides, intentional homicides, etc. Of course we are not saying it is ‘murder’ and have put the term in scarequotes because it is the term used in the video. We question if it is; it is a valid question whether this constitutes murder – outside of a strictly legal framework, it is perfectly reasonable for someone to describe the protocols in place (if true) as ‘amounting to’ murder, even if the term seems hyperbolic to some. If it was your loved one who was denied medicines that work, and then scared into intubation only to die, you’d probably accuse the hospital of something akin to murder. Your lawsuit against them would likely fall under the category ‘wrongful death’. As a CYA measure, we’ve also tagged this ‘conspiracy theory’, even though we’ve seen policy decisions in the past that mirror this, which any right-minded person would characterize as a form of murder.

J. Flores, Editor – Fort Russ News

  • note, in an earlier version of this article, we incorrectly titled the woman an RN. She is an NP.


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