$2 million to “promote human rights in Cuba” is latest in long and bloody list of US assaults

"To top the verbal terrorism, all that was missing was armed terrorism."


The truths they hide and the campaigns they pay for

Since January 1, 1959, the countless terrorist actions planned, financed and carried out against Cuba by the special services of the United States and their mercenaries on White House orders have been part of a long list of horror and blood.

They committed them using all the weapons of the arsenal of terror: armed infiltration, biological warfare, sabotage, laying of explosive devices, arson of schools and warehouses, kidnappings, including the height of atrocity, the explosion in mid-flight of a civilian aircraft.

Among the horrible pages of this cruelty is the introduction of dengue hemorrhagic fever, a disease that left 150 dead, including 101 children. But, as if that were not enough, they did not limit themselves to introducing the virus, but they refused to Cuba the possibility of acquiring Temephos in the United States, a chemical which eliminates the vector agent the disease, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, and the ban on the purchase of fumigation mosquito chemical misting machines on their territory.

In the 1990s, the CIA introduced more than 30 explosive devices to Cuba, 11 of which exploded in various tourist facilities. Overseas, our embassies have often been the target of cruel and criminal bomb attacks.

At the time when some thought that the era of mad bloodthirsty obsession was over, on April 30, our diplomatic headquarters in Washington was the target of an assault rifle attack. José Ramon Cabañas, our ambassador to the United States, said: “To top the verbal terrorism, all that was missing was armed terrorism.”

The constant aggressive and insulting statements made by US government officials, their growing hostility and slander toward Cuban medical cooperation, their threats, and the hardening of the criminal blockade, are an incitement for those who do not know a language other than that of violence and terror.

Alexander Alazo, this is the name of the individual who held the gun and pulled the trigger; but behind the motives for such a dangerous and deplorable act lie other responsible factors, aggressive politics and hateful language.

Cuban Minister of External Relations Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, speaking to the press on the day of the attack on our diplomatic representation in Washington, said that “some people may feel encouraged to commit such acts in the context of the exacerbated anti-Cuban rhetoric.”
Obviously, the clique of the White House does not miss an opportunity to unleash itself on the Island, to lie, to invent accusations, to attack. Then when a serious act occurs, encouraged by this climate of hostility, they hide in complicit silence, as denounced by the head of Cuban diplomacy when he demanded an official response from the State Department.

These same characters in the highest offices of the imperial state who unceasingly attack Cuban medical collaboration, which brings its united aid to several countries of the world, preferred silence for their answer.

However, there are truths more eloquent than a thousand of their words. We have just learned that the United States government has approved an additional payment of two million dollars “to organizations promoting human rights in Cuba,” in particular for programs that directly attack Cuban medical cooperation.

What is the difference between subversive financing, the criminal blockade, and the man who wielded the assault rifle? The Yankee language is explicit and clear.

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