Biden’s Pal Harvey Weinstein Accused of Rape by Four More Women in New Lawsuit


HOLLYWOOD – Four more women have accused former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexually assaulting them, according to a new lawsuit filed on Friday. The sex offender is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence for rape and sexual assault, Independent reported.

The new lawsuit states that Weinstein sexually assaulted four women between 1984 and 2013. One of the accusers was 17 at the time of the assault. The woman – who is not named in the suit – stated that Weinstein imprisoned her and sexually assaulted, sexually battered and raped her.

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According to Variety, the woman stated that Harvey Weinstein invited her to discuss her prospective career in the entertainment industry with him in his hotel room. While she was there, he demanded she “sexually gratify” him. The woman stated she told him she would not, after which he forced her to take off her clothes and then raped her.

He also took her driver’s license and told her that if she told anyone about what happened, he would tank her career and send people to hurt her and her family. Another woman represented in the lawsuit stated that Weinstein pinned her against the door of a hotel room and then sexually assaulted her.

As in the other incident, Weinstein warned the woman to stay quiet about what happened, telling her that if she spoke out she’d be “blackballed from the industry”. The incident took place in 1984. The most recent allegation comes from a now 35-year-old woman who stated he forced her to perform oral sex on him in a hotel room when she was 26.

She said she met him at the Venice Film Festival in 2013, where the assault occurred. The fourth woman stated she met Weinstein at a Manhattan restaurant in 2008, where he promised he’d “help take her career to the next level”. A few days later he raped her while she was at his apartment in Soho. As with the other incidents, he threatened to “ruin her” if she spoke about the attack.

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Bob Weinstein – Weinstein’s brother – and Disney and Miramax are also named as defendants in the suit. The lawsuit states that,

Bob Weinstein and the entertainment entities knew or reasonably should have known that Harvey Weinstein had a propensity to engage in sexual misconduct and would use his position and power to lure plaintiffs and other similarly situated aspiring female actresses to his apartments, hotel rooms, offices, etc. under the guise of discussing business opportunities to sexually harass, batter, assault, falsely imprison and rape them”.

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