BREAKING: China REJECTS BILL GATES’ WHO – Bars WHO from investigating in China


BEIJING – As the WHO continues to lose credibility in its response to the coronavirus outbreak, China has increasingly begun to take a closed stance in relation to the organization’s work in China. The WHO believes it is very important for it to know the circumstances surrounding the appearance of the coronavirus in order to ‘prevent’ new epidemics, as it claims. But China appears to orienting its position closer to that of U.S President Donald Trump insofar as placing a ‘social distance’ between government policy and the WHO. The WHO was a once trusted health organization backed by the UN that had increasingly come under regulatory capture by Bill Gates.

In a hitherto unpredictable move, the Chinese authorities have refused the request to allow the investigation of the emergence of the novel coronavirus. Russian media RIA “Novosti” reported on this earlier today, quoting the representative of WHO in China, Dr. Gauden Galea.

Galea also noted that the Chinese authorities did not provide WHO with access to the documentation of two virology laboratories in Wuhan, the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus.

“We know that a national investigation (of China) is already underway, but at this stage we were not invited to participate. WHO continues to make inquiries to China’s health authorities and authorities, ” Galea said.

According to him, WHO officially does not doubt the natural, but not artificial origin of the virus.

US President Donald Trump previously said that the outbreak of coronavirus in China should have been stopped and Beijing had such an opportunity, but he did not use it.


“This is a great country. By scientific methods or otherwise, they could restrain [the spread of the coronavirus], they could stop it, but they did not, ”TASS quoted the head of the White House.

In addition, Trump believes that China has allowed the coronavirus to spread.


“Another question, how did it happen that they stopped all arriving flights to China, but did not stop flights and transport links with the United States and Europe [from China]?” The American leader added.

Reporters also asked the president if he was sure that the new coronavirus appeared at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Trump answered in the affirmative.

Earlier Thursday, the director’s office of the National Intelligence Agency announced that a new type of coronavirus was not created in the laboratory and was not genetically modified.

However, today’s news is likely not to go unnoticed by the US president. Trump previously received harsh criticisms from the WHO and the leaders of various countries who are still following the WHO’s predictive model – despite the general failure of this model to accurately project real numbers.

In April, Trump surprised world leaders and the WHO by ceasing funding of the disgraced organization. Critics of the WHO point to it having become all but a privately controlled organization under the direction of Bill Gates.

image: President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping shake hands at a press conference in 2017.TASS via Getty Images

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