BREAKING: Pro-Constitution Officer Anderson FIRED After Affirming Support for Americans Against Covid-19 Tyranny


SEATTLE, WA – In a very troubling development, Port of Seattle police officer Anderson has been fired for coming forward in defense of American citizens and the U.S constitution in the context of the illegal quarantine and lockdown orders issued as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. He initially received praise from like minded even from superior officers  in his CoC. But it appears the force of tyranny in politics pressured his superiors to terminate his employment.

If you believe his termination was in error, do call this number and respectfully say so. This is about restoring the good officer Anderson to his position, not public venting. 

(206) 787-3490 – Port of Seattle PD

Last week hundreds of thousands of Americans saw a viral video of a Port of Seattle police officer, Mr. Anderson, give an inspiring and principled talk from his squad car. In that video, see below, he explains that police cannot and should not follow illegal orders. He showed a tremendous depth of knowledge about the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and encouraged police officers to follow the constitution – reminding them that ‘just following orders’ did not hold up.

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He also warned that based on his experience as part of an immoral occupation of Iraq, he saw first hand how all the repression and firepower in the world could not successfully contain a popular uprising if the governing authority was tyrannical. He said there would be bloodshed in the streets.


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