BREAKING: Watch Trump Confirm – ObamaGate is Real


WASHINGTON D.C – May 11, 2020 – At a press briefing just moments ago, U.S President Donald Trump confirmed that Obama Gate (#ObamaGate) is real. On Mother’s Day, Trump sent out a series of tweets, creating a twitter storm over the hashtag Obama Gate, which later Twitter openly suppressed.

Regarding the Twitter supprsesion of #ObamaGate – this alone raises significant legal questions for Twitter, which has been under fire for its policy of extreme political censorship.  Trump has previously stated in plain English, on the Twitter platform, that he uses Twitter as his primary mode of communication to the public, various department officials, and to other world leaders: he has given a form of legal notice to that effect. Therefore,  suppressing his messages amounts to a serious crime of sabotaging or otherwise interfering with the communications, orders, and diplomatic initiatives of an American president.  See chart below.

Trump reaffirmed his Mother’s Day tweets that Obama had committed the worst crime that a president could. This was a reference to the charges against former U.S President Richard Nixon, who was accused of using the authority of the Oval Office to spy on a political opponent. Trump has alleged that Obama did the same, and recent revelations surrounding leaked notes and a phone call, appear to affirm these accusations.

Given these crimes by the Obama administration, it is also worth adding his guilt in much larger war crimes, and crimes against humanity. In developing, aiding, arming, and giving direct orders to ISIS/Al Qaeda in Libya, Syria, and Iraq, he was responsible for one of the deadliest and prolonged conflicts in the middle-east. As geopolitical commentator Sarah Abed notes:

This chart proves Twitter is actively suppressing the #ObamaGate hashtag

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