China Warns that there is a Political Virus, sees Dangers if U.S Relationship deteriorates


BEIJING – A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that some US political forces distort reality and provoke a confrontation with China. He announced this on Twitter on Sunday, May 24.

Chinese diplomats are confident that in addition to the coronavirus, a “political virus” is also spreading in the United States , which is aimed at defaming and attacking the PRC.

“Some politicians ignore the basic facts and put forth innumerable false comments and conspiracy theories regarding China … Some political forces in the United States seize relations between China and the United States and put our two countries on the brink of a“ new Cold War “. This is a dangerous attempt to turn back the wheel of history, ” the statement said.

The ministry added that both countries “will benefit from cooperation and lose from confrontation.”

“China and the United States have different social systems, but this is the result of different choices made by our people, which we must respect. It’s also true that we have many disagreements, but this does not exclude cooperation, ” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

As a result, China and the United States must find a way of peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation, demonstrating that this is possible between two countries with different systems and cultures, he concluded


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