Deep State Narco-hub Colombia prepares fresh attacks on Venezuelan Villages


CARACAS – The Venezuelan authorities have revealed that the deep-state-controlled narco-trafficking state of Colombia is currently training new militants for attacks on Venezuelan villages. Such a report was confirmed by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

“In Colombia, new groups of mercenaries are forming, we have data, names, surnames, places, location, information about the organizers and those who cover them. Again, everything points to (President of Colombia) Ivan Duque,

Colombian mercenaries have a deep history in the Clinton-Bush CIA mafia, making millions while enacting ‘Plan Colombia’, a shake-down move that placed much of the Colombian drug trade in the control of a rogue wing of the CIA and the Clinton-Bush mafia. This was a large part of the crack-cocaine epidemic that has destroyed America’s inner-cities, destroying African-American families and small businesses in their communities, forcing them into a cycle of reliance on social programs promoted by the same Democrat party politicians.

The recent Silvercorp mercenary group attack on Venezuela was correctly exposed weeks before it occurred by the Venezuelan SEBIN, a state security organization. Nevertheless the attack by sea was carried out, but was caught by forewarned fisherman from a local village where the attackers had planned to regroup on shore.

Venezuela called on the UN Security Council to convene and urgently discuss the “attempted invasion” allegedly by actors within the Deep State of the United States and the narco-state of Colombia in order to overthrow the Venezuelan government. This was stated by Venezuelan Permanent Representative Samuel Moncada .

“I would like to request an urgent discussion, necessary to recognize the act of aggression against Venezuela in order to undermine security in the region,” the letter says to the head of the Security Council.

In addition, he expects the UN Security Council to develop a statement condemning the threat of the use of force against Venezuela.

Meanwhile, the former American commando and current head of Silvercorp PMC Jordan Gudrow , according to media reports, said that on May 3rd that he indeed initiated Operation Gideon to liquidate the President of Venezuela.

He sent several groups of mercenaries to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, but they – “that’s bad luck!” –  were seized. In an interview with an American journalist, Goudreau revealed an eight-page $ 213 million contract last October for military support for a coup signed by the self-proclaimed Venezuelan president only recognized by the US, Juan Guaido, and “two political advisers” to the current head of the White House. 

Funds came to Guaido from Venezuelan bank accounts blocked by the United States. The opposition leader, however, said that he had not signed any military assistance treaties, but it would be surprising if he confessed 

On May 5, Maduro, not eager to part with either his life, freedom, or the chair of the head of the republic, notified the public via the same Twitter that two US citizens were among the detainees (we already met one of them, Denman ). After the statement, Maduro, according to Reuters, showed a video from the truck, where a captured “hero” said that the Americans “told him about work for Trump’s security advisers.”



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