Democrats Jacking-up C-19 Body-counts – Boston-Newark Megalopolis Death Certificate Agencies in Big Lie

By William Walter Kay


By William Walter Kay

On January 9, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) alerted authorities worldwide of a potential novel coronavirus outbreak. Three weeks of investigations and conferences later (January 30) WHO declared a global public health emergency. Regions which subsequently posted extraordinarily high Covid-19 (C-19) fatalities did not encounter notable domestic C-19 cases until mid-February. Their governments, therefore, had weeks to plan pandemic responses. Such plans required death certification protocols. 

The 10-city Boston-Newark Megalopolis spans 30,000 square kilometres along America’s northeast coast and hosts 36 million people. Ninety percent of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island citizens reside in this Megalopolis. The area’s transportation and energy infrastructures are well-integrated, as is its commercial realm. Politically, it’s effectively a one-party state.

Rhode Island’s Democratic Party has ruled for a half century. Currently, all statewide executive officers are Democrats including Governor Gina Raimondo. The Party holds super-majorities in the Senate (33/38) and House (66/75).

New York’s Democratic Party holds all statewide executive offices including the Governorship (Andrew Cuomo). They occupy 40 of 63 Senate seats and 106 of 150 Assembly seats. They have maintained an Assembly majority since 1974.

New Jersey’s Democratic State Committee enjoys comfortable majorities in Senate and Assembly. Governor Phil Murphy is Chair of the Democratic Governors Association. This wealthy former Goldman Sachs banker served as Finance Chair for the Democratic National Committee.

Connecticut’s Democratic State Central Committee controls Connecticut’s Senate (22/36) and House (91/151). Democratic Governor ‘Ned’ Lamont (grandson of J.P. Morgan CEO, Thomas Lamont) pours tens of millions from his own pocket into campaigns. CT Dems control all statewide executive offices.

Massachusetts’ Democratic Party is a black sheep for failing to retain the Governor’s office. Republican Charlie Baker won by a hair in 2014, then handily in 2018. Nevertheless, Baker faces veto-proof Democratic super-majorities in Senate and House.

Collectively, these 5 states have 10 US Senators. All are Democrats, most are prominent.

Third-term New York Senator Chuck Schumer (twice elected with a 70% vote) Chairs the Democratic Caucus. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is Caucus Vice-Chair.

Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed (elected with 70% of the vote) is Ranking Member on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

New Jersey’s Bob Menendez (formerly Union City’s Mayor) is Ranking Member, and former Chair, of the Senate Foreign Intelligence Committee. Jersey’s junior Senator, Corey Booker, served two terms as Newark’s Mayor.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, one of the wealthiest senators, was Connecticut Attorney General for 20 years. He sits on the Commerce, Science and Technology Committee.

(Blumenthal, Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) adorn the Senate Committee on Aging. Warren and Gillibrand promote euthanasia. Not so sanguine is Blumenthal but some of his CT Dems have pushed euthanasia legislation since 2013. Massachusetts Dems placed a ‘Death with Dignity’ question on the 2012 ballot (defeated by a 1% margin). New York Dems sought to litigate a right to assisted-suicide until 2015 when they proposed a legislative route. New Jersey’s euthanasia law came into force August 1, 2019. Five Rhode Island Democrats co-introduced an assisted-suicide bill on January 30, 2020.)

Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut send only Democrats to the House of Representatives. Ten of 12 New Jersey Reps are Democrats as are 21 of New York’s 27 Reps. The Megalopolis’s Congressional legation includes Joe Kennedy III and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Nine of New York State’s 10 largest cities have Democratic mayors. Bill de Blasio won New York City’s mayoralty by a landslide; carrying 48 of 51 Councillors with him.

All 10 cities inside the Megalopolis have Democrat mayors. New Haven has had only Democrat mayors since 1954; Newark since 1953. Minus a forgotten three-year blip, Hartford has had Democrat mayors for 72 years. Boston mayors have been Democrats for 90 years straight.

State and municipal employees are hand-picked by Democratic Party functionaries. Where workforces are organized, unions support Democrats.

State and municipal governments play leading healthcare roles.

NYC Health + Hospitals is America’s largest public healthcare provider. Its insurance plan covers 500,000 New Yorkers including all NYC government employees. It also serves the city’s immense uninsured population and funds hundreds of clinics and home support organizations. NYC Health + Hospitals owns 11 acute care hospitals and 5 long-term care facilities. They treat 1.4 million patients annually on a budget of $10.5 billion.

New York State’s Department of Health employs another 4,700 doctors, nurses, and lab technicians etc.

Massachusetts’ Department of Public Health runs 4 multi-specialty hospitals and 24 bureaus with titles like: Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences, Preparedness and Emergency Management, and Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.

Boston’s Public Health Commission employs an additional 1,100 medical professionals.

New Jersey’s Department of Health enforces regulations onto 2,200 healthcare facilities (including 375 long-term care facilities) whilst delivering services related to: vital statistics, surveillance systems, aging and the uninsured.

Scores of Democrat-led activist groups representing doctors, nurses and patients agitate for expansions to public healthcare. Unions are particularly effective. The 42,000-member New York State Nursing Association brays about its legions of door-knockers and phone-callers who assist Democratic candidates during elections. SEIU’s 450,000-member Healthcare Workers East is militantly pro-Democrat.

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The Boston-Newark Megalopolis’s medical complex is designed, funded and run by Democratic operatives. They oversee the coroners, medical examiners, attending physicians, nurse practitioners and statisticians comprising the Megalopolis’s death certification system.

This Megalopolis did not launch the C-19 deaths exaggeration crusade. The Lombards issued the pronunciamento on February 26. Madrid and France joined two weeks later; Belgium soon after.

Notable C-19 cases arrived in the Boston-Newark Megalopolis mid-February. Their first C-19 death came March 14. Over the next two weeks C-19 death reports popped-up across the area. By then New York reported over 1,000 deaths; New Jersey over 100. This period witnessed the rise of obvious efforts to write “Covid-19” onto as many death certificates as plausible. Results:

These 5 states (with 12% of America’s population) post 44,546 (55.2%) of America’s 80,789 C-19 deaths.

These 5 states’ combined population equals that of California’s (40 million). Having greater contact with Asia than the Northeast, California reported C-19 cases earlier. Now, California records only 2,717 C-19 deaths.

Utah, Nebraska, Arkansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, West Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont and Tennessee collectively have a population of 40 million. They report 1,553 C-19 deaths; roughly half that of Connecticut.

Texas, population 28 million, reports 1,133 C-19 deaths.

The best explanation for these incredible discrepancies is that Boston-Newark Megalopolis’s death certification agencies are jacking-up their C-19 body-counts.

Some legerdemain is glaring. On April 14 New York City Health Commissioner added 3,778 C-19 deathsThese people had died in previous weeks, often at home. None were tested. In making this pronouncement the Commissioner described her marching orders as:

We are focussed on ensuring that every New Yorker who dies because of Covid-19 gets counted.

The number of “presumptive” C-19 deaths buried in the stats remains unknown, but looms large.

The main method of inflating C-19 fatalities is to insist, in every instance, that a positive test for C-19 warrants listing C-19 as a “cause of death.” This illogic also applies to presumed (untested) cases.

New York funeral directors express dismay at the cavalier writing of “Covid-19” on death certificates.

Between March 7 and 10 all five Governors declared “states of emergencies.” The next two weeks saw a ratcheting up of curfews and closures culminating in sweeping lockdowns decreed firstly (March 20) by Governor Cuomo and lastly by Governor Raimondo (March 28). Certain mayors, notably Boston’s Marty Walsh and Providence’s Jorge Elorza, pushed ahead of their Governors.

The hand that signs death certificates also signs: stay-at-home orders, bans on public assembly, postponements of elections, mobilizations of National Guards, and socially-transformative fiscal deficits.

The Megalopolis’s Democratic Parties exploit this manufactured crisis to ram through unpopular policies and to further cement themselves into power.


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