Full Donbass SITREP – Ukraine Forces Suffer Losses


May 25, 2020 – A full SITREP on the military situation in the DPR over the past 24 hours following the results of today’s briefing of the official representative of the DPR DPR Oleg Nikitin.

According to the data recorded by observers of the DPR representative office in the JCCC, over the past 24 hours, the armed formations of Ukraine opened fire 4 times on the territory of the Republic.

In the Gorlovka direction, Ukrainian punishers of the 58th brigade under the command of Kashchenko fired from 120-mm mortars. Dolomitnoye and Bayrak, firing for a total of 20 min.

In the Donetsk direction, fighters of the 28th brigade, on the orders of the criminal Marchenko , fired twice at Staromikhaylovka from heavy machine guns and small arms. As a result of the shelling, the transformer substation was damaged, two streets lost power.

In response fire from weapons not prohibited by the Minsk agreements, the defense units crushed the enemy firing point .

Additional information on civilian casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure is being specified.

Material evidence of the shelling was handed over to representatives of international organizations located in the Republic, as well as to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the DPR for initiation to criminal cases brought against the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Armed Forces Kashchenko and Marchenko.

Ukrainian militants continue to threaten the life and health of civilians by deploying military equipment in Ukrainian settlements.

At the same time, DPR intelligence established that the enemy deployed part of the equipment on the territory of schools and medical institutions, as well as strengthened air defense systems in order to prevent the recording of their criminal actions from UAVs of observers of the OSCE mission.

Over the past day revealed the placement of equipment of the 24th APU brigade: three infantry fighting vehicles in n. Mironovka, two BMP and SAM systems in n. Shirokaya Balka, as well as three infantry fighting vehicles and air defense systems of the 128th brigade in n. p. Taramchuk.


Adequate actions of units of the People’s Militia to suppress the firing points of Ukrainian gangs led to an increase in the number of casualties among the enemy’s manpower and military equipment.

Since the heads of the People’s Republics issued an order on May 20 to bring the formations and units of the NM fully operational and return fire on Ukrainian punishers, the combat losses of the advanced units of the OTG “North” and “Vostok” amounted to 9 militants killed and 18 wounded, two disabled BRDM and a military truck ZIL-130, and also 6 units of mortars of caliber 120 and 82 mm were destroyed.

Intelligence also clarifies the total number of non-combat losses in the units of the Armed Forces, which due to the chaotic movement of equipment and random mining of territories over the past five days increased significantly.

Fearing resonant dismissals from the posts, the OOS headquarters strengthened measures to conceal from the higher command the facts of the increase in the number of losses and a critical decrease in the level of moral and psychological state among the Ukrainian military personnel, and also expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the psychological operations unit 83 of the IpsO Center.

Also, in order to strengthen the accusations of NM in alleged shelling of settlements of Ukraine, the IUPS units of the Armed Forces received the task of staging video filming in  Kamenka, Avdeevka, Krasnogorovka, Vodyanoye and Novoluganskoe, in this connection residents of these settlements are urged to be careful and careful, as Ukrainian forces will not stop at nothing to implement their criminal plans.


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