FULL SITREP: Ukraine Attempts New Incursions and Suffers Deaths and Casualties


While the normally attentive world is distracted by the internal instability of the US by means of a manufactured race-war, and the specter of the Coronavirus plandemic hangs overhead, the situation in the Donbass has seen a fresh wave of high-violence. This SitRep is reproduced hastily, with some confused phrasings relating to fired-from and fired-at grammar, due to fast auto-translation. But the overall situation is explained, and many good maps and photos. Ukraine forces have taken some notable casualties in a spike of skirmishes in the war-torn area. This is a first-hand account. – J. Flores

FRN reproduces RusVesna’s full report on the military situation in the LPR over the past week following a briefing by the head of the press service of the LPR People’s Police Department, Yakov Osadchy.


Despite all the measures taken by the leadership of the Republic to de-escalate the conflict, the armed formations of Ukraine continue the terror of our Republic, flagrantly violating the Minsk agreements.

Yesterday at 20.00 on the orders of war criminal Bryzhinsky criminals of the 93 brigade of the Ukraine Armed Forces from positions in the area of ​​Krymskoye was fired from 120-mm mortars. n. Prishib, firing for six minutes in residential areas

Adequate measures were taken to suppress the firing activity of the militants.

In the course of return fire from weapons not prohibited by the Minsk agreements, the enemy firing point, with which punishers regularly terrorized the civilians of the Republic, was destroyed. Losses of the enemy amounted to two killed and three wounded.

We want to remind the Ukrainian military about the inevitability of the impact for their criminal actions: for each shot fired in the direction of the Republic, a comparable answer awaits you!

In total, during the week, armed groups of Ukraine violated the ceasefire three times.

On the Debaltsev direction, the punishers of 24 brigade of the criminal Guja fired from 120-mm mortars with mortars of the settlement of Lozovoye.

In the Slavic-Serbian area, punishers of the 30th and 93rd APU brigades fired from 120-mm mortar at LPR areas of the settlements of Berezovskoye and Prishib.

The facts of the shelling are documented, the materials were forwarded to the LPR Prosecutor General’s Office to initiate criminal proceedings against the commanders of the 24th Armed Forces brigade Guja, 30 Garaz brigades and 93 Bryzhinsky brigades.

Despite the decrease in the number of attacks on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic, the enemy does not abandon attempts to aggravate the situation at the contact line.

This week we have prevented another provocation.

On Monday, the air defense units of the People’s Militia, using the Triton-M1 electronic warfare system, intercepted an UAV drone, with which Ukrainian militants planned to correct fire during shelling of the village of Logvinovo.

According to the video and photo materials on the drone’s flash drive, it was possible to establish that the UAV belonged to the 24th Armed Forces brigade, which planned to shell the territory of the Republic from mortars with a caliber of 120 millimeters.

We recorded four mortar positions of Ukrainian punishers located along the contact line in the specified area. Recall that this weapon is prohibited by the Minsk agreements and must be located in special places of withdrawal.

In total, in May, air defense and electronic warfare units of the People’s Police managed to neutralize five UAVs of Ukrainian militants, including those that corrected artillery fire on the territory of the Republic.

We urge international observers to force the military-political leadership of Ukraine to stop criminal acts in the Donbass, leading to irreparable consequences, injuring and killing civilians, and the destruction of their homes and infrastructure.

During the ceasefire, the enemy continues to concentrate weapons and equipment in the punitive operation zone, including near residential buildings and civilian infrastructure, endangering civilians.

Over the past week, our intelligence identified five armored combat vehicles of units 30 of the APU brigade near residential buildings in N n. Novozvanovka. And at the school stadium in n. n. Katerinovka criminals 30 brigade placed three howitzers 2C1 “Carnation” .

Also identified weapons and military equipment 93rd brigade criminal Bryzhinsky: in the courtyard of a residential building in  Novotoshkovskoye, militants deployed two units of BMP-1, and three more units of armored vehicles near the housing construction in n. n. Orekhovo.

In n. Svetlodarsk village, the Ukrainian station of electronic warfare Bukovel-AD of the 20th separate battalion of electronic warfare, blocking the control channels of the UAV’s  in order to prevent the international observers from opening equipment of the 24th brigade deployed in violation of the requirements of the Minsk agreements on the withdrawal of weapons.

In addition, the maneuver groups of the 20th EW battalion impeded the monitoring of the mission, covering the heavy weapons of the 30th brigade in N. p. Katerinovka.

Once again, we urge residents of the territories of Donbass occupied by Ukraine not to allow the placement of armament and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near their homes and civilian infrastructure, to report all detected cases to the OSCE SMM observer.

Despite the statements of the Ukrainian side about the interest in opening new checkpoints in the Donbass, the Armed Forces, in violation of the requirements of the Geneva Convention, they continue to mine the territories near the contact line, intensifying their illegal actions with the introduction of full combat readiness in the NM units.

So, according to our intelligence, in the operational subordination of OTG “Sever” arrived a group of miners 143 of the APU Mine Clearance Center from the Khmelnitsky region.

The work of these groups on the installation of mine-explosive barriers was recorded in the area planned for the opening of the KPVV “Zolotoye” near the site of the separation of forces and assets.

In addition, enemy sappers actively mine territories near the settlements of Novotoshkovskoye, Trekhizbenka and Popasnaya. We urge the residents of these areas to be vigilant and careful, and the OSCE SMM observers patrolling these sections of the contact line should pay particular attention to the actions of Ukrainian militants, contrary to the international agreement banning the use of anti-personnel mines.

At the same time, the AFU command continues to cynically conceal non-combat losses of personnel from the public and relatives of the dead military personnel, whose death in the vast majority of cases is associated with explosions at their own minefields.

According to our intelligence and the information published by the volunteers, only in May in the units and units of OTG “Sever” non-combat losses amounted to nineteen servicemen killed and sixty-three wounded.

93 brigades remain the leader in self-destruction in the armed forces of the Armed Forces, where in May thirteen were killed and sixteen militants wounded.

Over the past week, non-combat losses in the formations of OTG Sever amounted to five servicemen killed and sixteen wounded.

On May 24, a soldier of the 25th brigade wounded in the foot of a special forces soldier of the 8th regiment of the MTR Perkov, who arrived with the group at a position in the area of ​​N Lobachevo settlement for provocative shelling of residential areas of the settlements of the Republic.

May 25,  during engineering work using trench charges at one of the positions of the 2nd battalion of the 24th brigade in the area of ​​n. Svetlodarskoye village killed one and one – Private Rikhno – was injured.

May 26, an overdose of amphetamines at one of the forefront of the 25th brigade killed private Panarenko, his colleague, ensign Cherniyenko, was able to pump.

In addition, from May 23 to 26, due to the ignorance of the personnel of the 25th and 93rd brigades of the location of the minefields established by the sappers of the 143th APU Mine Clearance Center, eight fighters were blown up on anti-personnel mines, of which three died and five received mine blast injuries of varying severity.

On May 27, during the installation of minefields, a soldier Menek soldier was seriously wounded .

More six soldiers of 25 Brigade APU received shrapnel wounds  because of violations of safety requirements Junior Sergeant Seromashko in practical shooting from automatic grenade launcher AGS-17.

Yesterday,  during the raid, a junior sergeant Korolenko, the commander of the 24th brigade of the Armed Forces, was wounded from a hunting rifle.

Along with non-combat losses, in the Ukrainian units of the so-called “OOS” zone, the theft and illicit trafficking of weapons and ammunition continue to grow.

In connection with the tightening of control by the special services, for the smuggling of weapons into the western regions of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are forced to resort to increasingly sophisticated methods.

According to our source in Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, the commander of one of the companies of the 2nd battalion of the 93rd Armed Forces brigade, stationed in the area of ​​the n. Popasna, in order to organize the transfer of weapons and explosives, entered into a criminal conspiracy with an employee of the postal service “Ukrposhta”. According to the established scheme, the criminal duet carried out the transfer of weapons in an iron box to the Dnipropetrovsk region for six months.

In exchange, the serviceman received a parcel with narcotic and psychotropic substances, which he distributed among his colleagues and the local population.

The criminal scheme was uncovered thanks to the criminal authorities of the local group who did not want to share the market with the military.

In connection with the incident, the command of the OTG “Sever” ordered the military service units of the law and order to conduct inspection of parcels sent and received by the “OOS” military personnel using dog training from the police and the National Guard.

The Armed Forces command is concerned about the low staffing of the Armed Forces units, the percentage of which continues to decline sharply due to the low attractiveness of military service. Of particular concern is the mass dismissal of junior officers serving in the so-called “DUS” zone.

At present, the shortage of command personnel in punitive operations is 40–45%, and in some units reaches 60%.

Due to hopelessness, the command of the formations entrusts sergeants who do not have a military education, who have managed to take a maximum of two-week leadership courses at the Training Centers of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the hopelessness of their posts.

The introduction of quarantine measures in neighboring countries that expelled Ukrainian migrant workers, including those who evaded military service, became a life buoy for the Armed Forces command.

Taking advantage of the situation, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine decided to implement the draft campaign plan and hastened to announce the beginning of the draft from June 1, specifying that it plans to replenish its ranks for 500 reserve officers under the age of 47 years.

But an uninitiated government intervened in their plans, opening checkpoints on the border with the Czech Republic and Poland, through which conscripts began to leave the country en masse.

So, according to official data of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, more than 4.5 thousand people crossed the border only in the first day, 80% of which were men from 18 to 45 years old.

The draft campaign, which was already rushed to open by dishonest military commissars, has already begun to bear fruit.

So, in the Vinnytsia region , an employee of the regional military registration and enlistment office, Captain Golevsky, who was engaged in the selection of candidates for service in the “OOS”, was found dead .

The investigation established that the murder was committed by two young people, from whom he demanded a bribe of 150 thousand hryvnias, threatening to send him to military service in the “OOS” zone, as they had graduated from military departments in civilian universities and were reserve officers.

But the young people kept him safe and beat him to death with baseball bats. Then, under the guise of ordinary Zarobitchans, they crossed the border with Romania.

Despite the measures taken by the OOS command to ban the use of mobile phones with Internet access by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, militants continue to actively use social networks and Internet messengers for communication, through which public information is often made public.

So, in the 24th brigade, a commission for the protection of state secrets of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is operating, which arrived at the connection upon the fact that SBU employees revealed official correspondence between the commander of one of the battalions and the commanders of units at company strongpoints and forwarding documents containing state secret information.

It was established that through the WhatsApp Internet messenger the battalion commander was regularly sent photos of updated work cards with the location of positions on the demarcation line and the details of their security and defense, as well as the combat and strength of the units.

At the time of the trial, the battalion commander and two companies were temporarily suspended from their duties and deprived of access to state secret.

In turn, to prevent leakage of closed data via the Internet, the commander of OTG Sever Romigailo sent instructions to tighten control units on the use of smartphones by military personnel and to conduct indicative punishments for officers for violating these requirements, up to and including dismissal from military service.

The Ukrainian special services have once again intensified the advertising of their illegal program “They are waiting for you at home”, which has not brought the desired results required by the SBU leadership.

As we have noted more than once , the Security Service of Ukraine is using its special project to lure military personnel and their relatives into Ukraine-controlled territory, promising to stop the criminal prosecution.

In its turn, the promises of the SBU were not supported by any legislative acts, and people who believed in the sweet tales of the Ukrainian special services and arrived in the territory occupied by Kiev invariably find themselves in the dock on serious charges.

There are also a number of cases where citizens of the Republics who arrived in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to receive pensions or receive other social benefits were arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine and, under the influence of cruel torture and threats of reprisal against their close relatives, gave evidence necessary to the special services to participate in the hostilities against the Ukrainian Armed Forces .

Subsequently, criminal cases were fabricated against them, in which innocent citizens were sent to correctional institutions with a prison term of 10 to 15 years.

The data on the unlawful actions of the Security Service of Ukraine and the deceitfulness of their special project “They are waiting for you at home” are also confirmed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in its latest report.

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