How Thoughtful: U.S Diplomat to Poland wants Country to Become Nuclear missile Absorber


WARSAW – US Ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, suggested that Poland could host US nuclear weapons on its territory. This would make Poland a first strike target by Russia in the event of a NATO-CSTO conflict

She stated this in the light of recent criticism of the German authorities by the US ambassador to Germany.

“If Germany wants to reduce nuclear weapons and weaken NATO, perhaps Poland – which pays a fair share, understands the risks, and is located on the eastern flank of NATO – could place these weapons here,” Mosbacher wrote on her social media page.

Earlier, US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell accused Germany of undermining NATO nuclear deterrence efforts, criticizing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s junior coalition partners after some of their leaders called for nuclear disarmament.

In an article for the German newspaper Die Welt, Ambassador Grenell wrote:

“Instead of undermining the solidarity that underlies NATO’s nuclear deterrence, Germany now needs to fulfill its obligations to the Allies and continue to invest in NATO’s nuclear efforts.”

The leader of the German Social Democratic Party faction in parliament, Rolf Mutzenich earlier this month, called for the withdrawal of all US nuclear weapons from Germany. At the same time, the conservative wing of the coalition does not share this position.


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