Is Minneapolis Mayor Frey an Arsonist? We Need to Investigate pre-Protest Investment and Construction Plans

By Joaquin Flores


By Joaquin Flores – Naturally the MSM wants to divide the American people over these protests. They want to turn a problem of corrupt local and state politicians, who seem to have gone out of their way – like Amy Klobuchar – to keep killer cops on the force. It’s almost as if these mentally unstable types are kept on the force just so that they can be activated, like a sleeper-cell, to carry out this sort of Strategy of Tension act of terrorism.

We should be asking if Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey targeted certain buildings, or buildings in general, with arson. First of all, it is now exposed that an undercover police officer began the destruction of the Auto Zone store front.

It’s interesting now that Trump has called Mayor Frey ‘weak’. This could go in the direction of alluding to his ‘stand-down’ orders (like the 9-11 Pentagon jet stand-down that Norman Mineta testified ‘against’ Cheney about), that resulted in fires spreading in areas ripe for re-gentrification and reconstruction.

What about businesses that received bailouts like banks, like Wells Fargo, that have already announced that they are moving away from brick-and-mortar and will do their financial services online, using programs like Zoom? For withdrawals and deposits, now only ATMs.

Wouldn’t it be great if Wells Fargo could collect arson insurance, but also be right on top of hot new real estate that gentrifiers were prepared to buy up?

Are we allowed to wonder how much these real estate firms have put into Mayor Frey’s coffers?

Of course, like in Katrina, which Obama did nothing about, none of the urban communities got to enjoy any of that razzle-dazzle reconstruction, when New Orleans was Disney-fied. These folks have been relocated to Texas, permanently.

The Covid-19 lockdown drove a number of business under. The lockdown was not the obvious response to the pandemic, but yet it is the response that we saw.

MAJOR: US Treasury Admits Unemployment May Have Hit 25% Due to Lockdown

Those who are aware of how corruption works in city planning and ‘urban renewal’ in re-gentrification projects, know that often parking regulations or taxes are constructed such so that community businesses are driven out of business, the local values drop (but landlords can’t lower rates due to factors), then larger investment schemes move in and buy it all up, and ‘re-gentrify’. These Dixiecrats and ‘progressives’ are all the same. The march of progress forward, while leaving the Other America in the dust. It’s like they are a break-away civilization, built on a pile of bones.

A police department was also allowed to burn down. That should be the subject of a federal investigation, what plans existed and were talked about either in city council or in private phone calls and meetings with Mayor Frey, about building a new police department before the so-called riots.

The worst thing Frey can do now is destroy the evidence that could point that way.

Frey is a hardcore DNC-Clinton Democrat. We need to be looking at how the Bernie’s ‘Our Revolution’ NGO,is being mobilized into these arson afflicted cities.  This is possible by the horrendous Citizen’s United ruling, which is financed by Soros-esque vectors. Maybe Soros himself, but we don’t know because the secrecy is protected by the Citizen’s United ruling. But if a crime is involved, as we suspect there is, then this would be exposed.

We raised Frey as an example, but this is happening in all the cities. They main idea is that they let no good disaster go to waste – even to the extent of creating disasters.

The Deep State creates multi-level disasters, that work for various interested parties simultaneously. The more buy-in from different layers and levels in a society, towards the final regime-change or failed-state goal, the better. What is happening right now is a Color Revolution posing as a synthesized pre-Civil War scenario.

A stock market bubble is created, and an American president is allowed to take some credit for it. Then we are struck with a mysterious and incurable pandemic, and the response is a police state and lockdown that erases the constitution and puts tens of millions of American out of work. This disproportionately affected the working class and small business owners. Meanwhile, billionaire’s wealth grew by over 15%. Maybe from the bailout money alone.

BREAKING: Officer Chauvin Officially Charged with Murder in Killing of Citizen George Floyd

Then a wave of police violence in Democrat strongholds, starting with the murder of an innocent civilian, George Floyd. Then more shootings as police elsewhere are told to fire on protesters. Just like corrupt police units in Kiev under the direction of Nuland and Radio Free Europe, fired on protesters of the Maidan to make sure that president Yanukovich would have to step down from power. Now Trump is that Yanukovich.

But the truth is that Frey should be stepping down, and so should that police chief. Don’t listen to their words, they will sound like sympathetic bona-fide anti-racists that even sounds legit to the radical left. Look instead at how this strategy of tension was developed, how Klobuchar and the rest of the DNC crime network in Minnesota was allowed to fester.

In Syria and Libya, those of the Deep State who planned that invasion already had the reconstruction firms lined up. Soros supported leftoid NGO’s that had an ‘anti-regime’ ideology, even though they paraded as health and human services NGO’s. Now think about how Contact Tracers will be used.

FLORES: 7 Ways the DNC Will Use Contact Tracers for Biden’s Campaign to Oust Trump


Now that the war has come home, the war against people of all races and creeds, they are trying to set us against each other.

They are using all the methods and tactics of the Color Revolution as well as the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring creates a failed state, just as Detroit was ‘failed’ intentionally, and just as the ‘violent’ component of these protests is highly suspect. Ripe for re-gentrification. Just as they were in Syria, Egypt, and so on.

Using arson to drive people out of homes, to effect a population demographic change, is a form of classicide. It is like genocide, but strikes people based on their economic class. But in urban centers, it should also be considered a form of genocide since it targets people also based on class. This is similar to how and why red-lining is illegal.

This is what needs to be investigated. It is the playbook and how we should expect these events to transpire unless confronted by heavy evidence to the contrary.

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