KENNEDY: 1 Million+ Americans will be killed by Bill Gates Imposed Unemployment and Social Isolation – Here’s the Proof

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. IG Acct


By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Instagram – May 2, 2020



The more pessimistic HHS models predict 100,000-240,000 COVID deaths.

A highly respected 1982 academic research book “Corporate Flight: The Causes and Consequences of Economic Dislocation” by Bluestone, Harrison and Baker estimates that every additional 1% rise in unemployment causes 37,000 excess deaths (including 20,000 heart attacks ,920 suicides, 650 homicides) and 4,000 mental hospital admissions and 3,300 state prison admissions.

On 3/24,2020 the Fed predicted a 30% rise in unemployment from the CV Quarantine. That equals 1,100,000 additional deaths-almost 5x the government’s worst predictions for CV 19 deaths. Add additional deaths from disrupted supply chains for food & meds & from deferred medical treatments for non emergency ills like diabetes & hypertension.

Moreover,a growing body of research finds social isolation is lethal. #sayergmi Sayer Ji of #greenmedinfo has reprinted 13 studies showing dramatic increases in deaths from isolation. “Social Isolation: A Predictor of Mortality Comparable to Traditional Clinical Risk Factors,” found social isolation as strong a factor in mortality risk as smoking, and higher than having high blood pressure.  Another article , “The Pandemic America Forgot About,” concluded:

“Loneliness and social isolation have the same cardiovascular effects as smoking 15 cigarettes per day
& also increase the risk of “all-cause morbidity,”.

Loneliness increases the risk of developing dementia by 50% & stroke by 32% while dramatically increasing of cancer risks according to a 1997 JAMA study, “Social Ties and Susceptibility to the Common Cold,”

Researchers found that isolation increases susceptibility to the common cold and respiratory infection “More diverse social networks were associated with greater resistance to upper respiratory illness”; a 2015 study found that men experience an 85% increased risk of mortality following losing their jobs.

Moreover, a 2020 Lancet study on the “Psychobiological effects of quarantine and how to reduce it,” found”most of the adverse effects (suicide,anger & illness)come from ..restriction of liberty.”& “separation from loved ones. “


Highlighted Comments:

I’m from New Zealand. We have the highest suicide rate in the world. If you know how small our county is, you’d be shocked. Suicide has killed more people than the Coronavirus just by being in lockdown alone. There was a lot of family violence/domestic violence that led to death of a lot of woman and children.

Who is auditing all the so called deaths from covid that are actually heart attacks and COPD etc! The numbers will be skewed by the corrupt Dems looking to make Trump look bad when it’s their own leaders states with all the deaths.

UN study

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