MAJOR: Albania Begins Next Phase of Annexing Serbian Kosovo


TIRANA, Albania – May 24, 2020 – After the end of the coronavirus pandemic, Albanian army forces will begin the next phase of the annexation of the Serbian autonomous region of Kosovo.

Albanian forces will serve for the first time as part of the foreign occupying KFOR forces in Serbia’s Kosovo. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Albania, Olta Dzhachka , writing in “Politika”.

On her Facebook page, the minister wrote that the Albanian armed forces were involved in carrying out tasks during the pandemic, but the exercises in the country did not stop, in particular for those units that were to go on foreign missions in the coming month.

“Now they [the troops] are being trained on how to deal with the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic,” Jachka added.

According to her, the ground forces will send a platoon from the infantry battalion to serve in Afghanistan. In addition, for the first time, one special operations unit will go to serve as part of the KFOR forces in Kosovo, Tanjug reports referring to Kosovo online.

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Recall that last year, in violation of the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the armed forces of Albania were already in Kosovo and Metohija during a joint exercise with the “Kosovo Security Forces”.

The pro-war, deep-state Atlanticist newspaper ‘The Hill’ has published several op-eds by pro-Clinton forces from US military intelligence, castigating Donald Trump for softening his position on Serbia relating to Kosovo.

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Accusing the US president of abandoning the position of Albanians in Kosovo, ‘The Hill”s op-eds have warned that such moves could give hopes to Serbia that the occupation of the southern-most Serbian region might rejoin Serbia, in part or in whole.

While Albanian military forces are significantly weak compared to neighboring Serbia, they enjoy support from vectors of Atlanticist powers. The U.S under Democrat and  Neo-con administrations have directly backed Albanian separatists in their moves to take over Serbia’s Kosovo region. The war-criminal and human trafficker, Hashim Thaci, known for running an organ trafficking and pedophile kidnapping ring supported by Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton, was appointed ‘leader’ of Kosovo by the US deep-state in 2008.

Thaci and Kerry worked closely on trafficking heroin from Afghanistan through Kosovo and Albania and on into Europe and beyond.

Thaci’s ‘Yellow House’ was known as a place where Serbian villagers were taken and had their organs harvested, often while alive and without anesthetics.

The EU has placed pressure on Serbia to recognize Kosovo as an independent state for 12 odd years, a move that would be contrary to Serbia’s constitution and would no-doubt precipitate a collapse of government and flash elections.

Albania has backed terrorism in Macedonia, as part of the US deep-state color revolution that saw the removal of conservative forces and the replacement by a pro-NATO coalition of liberals and Albanian supremacists, seeking to annex part of Macedonia.

The project for a greater Albania has been backed at the highest levels of the Albanian state and former U.S administrations. The Trump administrations lack of vigor in this area has been a subject of debate and derision among NATO corridors in the West Balkans.

The strategy underway now is believed to be to increase Albania’s direct presence in Kosovo, as part of its long-term goal to fully annex the country, which today is illegally operated by a nominally independent Albanian government, backed by NATO.

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