MAJOR: OBAMAGATE SHOWDOWN – Director of National Intel Declassifies List of Corrupt Obama Officials


WASHINGTON D.C – The next phase of ObamaGate has begun with major new information, as President Trump had indicated in statements earlier this week. Richard Grenell, the acting Director of National Intelligence has just declassified an entire list of Obama administration officials who are said to have been involved in the’unmasking’ of former National nSecurity Advisor Michael Flynn’s interactions with Sergey Kislyak, Russian Ambassador to the US at the time that Trump was in his transition period. ABC news has confirmed this report.

Obama’s moves in the final weeks of his investigation to actively work to conceal information from an incoming president relating to national security represent an abuse of power, if true, akin to those of Richard Nixon who was impeached on similar charges.  The abuse is significant precisely because in the final months of the Obama administration, the then president had been actively persecuting a frivolous investigation which amounted to spying, against then candidate Trump. The second crime here was therefore illegally depriving later President-elect Trump of critical intel information about Russia that would have exposed Obama’s efforts to place candidate Hillary Clinton into the Oval Office.

The DoJ received this list of officials from Grenell last week, but news on this massive leak to ABC news only happened today. At the time of publishing, FRN does not have further information on the intel officials visit to the DoJ.

Then National Security Advisor under Obama, Susan Rice, is said to have told the House Intel Committee in 2017 that she had ‘unmasked’ a number of important individuals close to Trump – the pretext here was a seemingly unrelated visit by UAE crown prince bin Zayed al-Nahyan to New York that took place without notice to then President Obama.

Samantha Power, Obama-era U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), is also believed to have made up to 260 requests to “unmask” U.S. citizens tied into surveillance of non-U.S. citizens, according to Fox News. She reportedly requested information seen in the days leading up to Trump’s inauguration. Then-Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) later revealed Power testified that a portion of the “unmasking” requests made in her name were made by others.

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An astonishing additional 260 requests to ‘unmask’ US citizens in connection to a program of surveilling non-U.S citizens was allegedly made by Obama’s UN ambassador, Samantha Power. This was reported by Fox News, and FRN is actively attempting to vet the accuracy of this claim. Trey Gowdy appears to confirm this story however, revealing that Power had testified that at least some of these ‘unmasking’ requests were falsely made by others using her name.

Power may be trying to set herself to cop to a lesser charge in the event of an indictment.  The report from ABC comes in the aftermath of the dropping of the charges against Flynn by the DOJ who previously had plead guilty.

This all comes in the wake of a huge revelation, a leak of an Obama call to supporters, where he claimed that the DOJ’s dropping of the charges against Flynn had put “the rule of law at risk”.

However, critics of Obama-era abuses, war-crimes, crimes against humanity, kill lists, the financing of global Islamicist terrorism in Libya, Iraq, and Syria claim that these represent a far greater risk to the rule of law than Flynn’s perjury. It is said that this is especially so, given the revelations that the Obama team had designed their interrogation of Flynn to result in problematic answers – something akin to entrapment – a point which greatly reduces the seriousness and scope of Flynn’s abrogation of the law.


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