MAJOR: Trump is Taking Hydroxychloroquine – World’s Preferred Coronavirus Medicine, says he’s Covid-19 Negative


WASHINGTON D.C – President Donald Trump said on Monday he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine for the past week and a half in case he gets the coronavirus, after consulting his own administration’s White House doctor about the pluses and minuses of the anti-malaria drug.

The president said he does not have the virus, which has infected 1.53 million Americans and killed more than 90,000 if WHO/CDC-driven methods of tallying figures are to be accepted.

The president made the amazing announcement at the White House during an event with restaurant workers. By setting himself as an example, he has perhaps single-handedly built American confidence in the effectiveness of the drug. In addition, he may have dealt a huge blow to big-pharma which has sought to ‘quarantine’ the American public from accurate information about hydroxychloroquine.

Trump’s huge announcement opens up the possibility of higher risk age group individuals, such as Trump, to take the medication therapeutically as a preventative measure against developing Covid-19 in the event one contracts the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Other reports indicate that President Trump is taking the treatment to prevent contraction of the virus itself – something which if true, would add an additional dimension to today’s historic announcement.

‘I’m taking it – hydroxychloroquine. Right now yeah. A couple of weeks ago, started taking it,’ he said.


Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. Within the U.S there however remains a media blackout on the world’s drug of choice in treating coronavirus symptoms and the Covid-19 disease. This appears to be related to the profitability of newer, patentable drugs connected to Dr. Fauci’s concerns.

American mainstream media, existing within this blackout and information deprivation zone, has misinformed the public. In response to Trump’s announcement, there has been astonishment and ridicule.

An example of this was seen on the disgraced television news station, CNN. They continued to tout a highly questionable forced study within the US, backed by the same drug conglomerates connected to Dr. Fauci’s concerns, that found that hydroxychloroquine was not effective.


Recall that most recently, a French team conducted research that 973 out of 1061 Covid-19 patients were cured within ten days of starting treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

READ MORE: STUDY: 973 Of 1061 Cured In Days – Treatment Of COVID-19 Patients With Hydroxychloroquine And Azithromycin

The president repeatedly has touted hydroxychloroquine – used to treat malaria, lupus and other diseases – and the antibiotic azithromycin, often referred to as ‘Z-pack,’ to be used to treat the coronavirus.

The Z-pack was found to be preferred in treatment in a global poll of over 6,200 physicians who have successfully treated Covid-19 patients. That study, which can be read here, found the following:

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Treatments & Efficacy

  • The three most commonly prescribed treatments amongst COVID-19 treaters are 56% analgesics, 41% Azithromycin, and 33% Hydroxychloroquine

  • Hydroxychloroquine usage amongst COVID-19 treaters is 72% in Spain, 49% in Italy, 41% in Brazil, 39% in Mexico, 28% in France, 23% in the U.S., 17% in Germany, 16% in Canada, 13% in the UK and 7% in Japan

  • Hydroxychloroquine was overall chosen as the most effective therapy amongst COVID-19 treaters from a list of 15 options (37% of COVID-19 treaters)

    • 75% in Spain, 53% Italy, 44% in China, 43% in Brazil, 29% in France, 23% in the U.S. and 13% in the U.K.
  • The two most common treatment regimens for Hydroxychloroquine were:

    • (38%) 400mg twice daily on day one; 400 mg daily for five days
    • (26%) 400mg twice daily on day one; 200mg twice daily for four days
  • Outside the U.S., Hydroxychloroquine was equally used for diagnosed patients with mild to severe symptoms whereas in the U.S. it was most commonly used for high risk diagnosed patients

  • Globally, 19% of physicians prescribed or have seen Hydroxychloroquine prophylactically used for high risk patients, and 8% for low risk patients

Trump, 73, said he took one dose of the z-pack antibiotic and is now taking a zinc supplement along with a daily hydroxychloroquine pill. He noted he’s had no side effects.

‘I’m taking the two – the zinc and the hydroxy,’ he said. ‘So far I seem to be okay.’

‘I have been taking it for about a weekend for about a week and a half,’ he noted. ‘Every day. I take a pill every day.’

‘At some point I’ll stop,’ he added.

Dr. Sean Conley, the White House physician, released a memo Monday night, saying he and Trump discussed the matter and believed the gain from using hydroxychloroquine outweighed its risk factors.

‘After numerous discussions, he and I regarding the evidence for and against the use of hydroxychloroquine, we concluded the potential benefit from the treatment outweighed the relative risk,’ Conley noted.

‘In consultation with our inter-agency partners and subject matter experts around the country, I continue to monitor the myriad studies investigating COVID-19 therapies and I anticipate employing the same shared medical decision making based on the evidence at hand in the future,’ he said.

Conley, a commander in the U.S. Navy, noted President Trump is ‘in very good health and has remained symptom-free. He receives regular COVID-19 testing, all negative to date.’

Trump said he started taking the drug after talking with Conley.

‘He said well if you’d like it. I said yeah I’d like it, I’d like to take it,’ Trump said.

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