MAJOR: Turkey Deploys HAWK SAMs to Idlib


Idlib, Syria – Syria’s UN ambassador once again denounced Turkey for defying Damascus and intensifying its illegitimate military presence in the Arab country, saying Ankara’s forces have deployed US-made missiles to Syria’s terrorist-held Idlib Province in a flagrant violation of international law.

Speaking at a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) session on the situation in Syria via a video link on Wednesday, Bashar al-Ja’afari said Ankara had deployed medium-range surface-to-air MIM-23 Hawk missiles to Idlib, PressTV reported.

“The Turkish regime didn’t stop at violating its obligations according to the understandings of Astana, Sochi and Moscow, and supporting the terrorist organizations, but it reinforced its illegitimate military presence on the Syrian territories through bringing in convoys loaded with weapons and heavy equipment every day,” said Ja’afari.

He called on the 15-member UN body to oblige Ankara and other states that sponsor terrorist groups in Syria to end such support and instead help Damascus in its counter-terrorism efforts in order to complete the reconstruction process in the Arab country.

The Syrian diplomat added that any foreign military presence in Syria without authorization from the legitimate government in Damascus amounts to aggression and occupation. He further urged the UN to support the Syrian government in its efforts to complete the reconstruction process, eradicate terrorist groups and reach a political solution to the ongoing conflict without any foreign meddling.

Syria is determined to adhere to its sovereignty and territorial integrity and will not abandon its firm resolve to liberate its occupied territories whether the occupiers are Americans, Turks, or terrorist organizations, stressed Ja’afari. Ankara has recently beefed up its illegal military presence in support of terrorists holding the Syrian region despite a ceasefire reached last month to halt an escalation.

On March 5, Russia and Turkey, which support opposite sides in the Syrian conflict (Russia supports the legitimate Syrian government, while Turkey supports various terrorist organizations), came to an agreement on the ceasefire regime in Idlib, where Turkish aggression against the Syrian government had earlier risked starting a war.

Turkey claims that Syrian anti-terrorist offensives “have killed dozens of its troops”, without explaining what were they doing there without Syrian permission and why were they among terrorists targeting civilian areas. Turkey has threatened to attack the Syrian military unless government forces abandoned the liberated areas and asked Moscow to “stop” Damascus.

Turkey has, meanwhile, sent thousands of troops and heavy military hardware into Idlib in an unprecedented incursion to back the terrorists. Damascus, though, has vowed to liberate entire Syria, including Idlib, which remains the last major bastion for Turkish -backed terrorists in the country.

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