MINNEAPOLIS – Dear Representative Omar, Please Do Shut the Hell Up and Do Your Job


Dear Representative Omar,

You’re not my representative, but where I’m from in California, we also have our own. We aren’t terribly happy with them in general, as I can see your constituents are not very pleased with events where you’re in charge.

I need to ask you to do something. Please remember that your constituents did not elect you to say the things that citizens say to their representatives. You are the representative, not the petitioning citizen. Yet you’re talking as if you’re a citizen desperately trying to get a message across to an elected official to do something.

You seem to be saying, ‘wow those in power aren’t doing anything to fix the situation’.

Yes, we agree, those in power aren’t doing anything.

But that person is you.

Do you understand why we are asking you to kindly shut the fuck up, stop posing as a powerless citizen, and do the job you were elected to do?

Yes, we get the whole immigrant Muslim thing. Everyone has a cool gimmick, and briefly it was a nice change of scenery from a used car salesman looking white guy in a suit. We get that. But also you need to get that you weren’t hired as interesting decoration, or a coffee table conversation starter.

You’re the one people elected to do that thing. They didn’t elect you to say the things that they are actually telling to you. I’m looking at your, quite frankly – in the context – highly offensive tweets. And I’m wondering why you seriously don’t shut the hell up.



I appreciate your poetry, if the occasion called for it. I wanted to say, that you weren’t hired to play Kahlil Gibran or to pontificate on the nature of peace and violence cycles. You were hired to swing into action in cases like this, and to have legislated reponsibly, working towards the socio-economic needs rights and responsibilities of your constituents.

Instead it seems like you’re preening for a national audience entirely unrelated to the thing you were hired to do. So please do kindly shut the hell up, and do those things. Or step down.

I don’t want to accuse you of things. But I think you’re playing helpless so that things get out of control. Because they certainly are getting out of control, and yet there’s no plan from you. Just vague complaints as if you’re a random citizen.

All of our hearts are broken and many of us are outraged. We expected you to announce a series of high-level meetings, relief plans, community development, or pushing for the prosecution of obviously guilty and murderous cops.

But nothing.

Instead you’ve deprived the most vulnerable constituents of the right to work under the Covid lockdown. You promoted the illusion of public health at the expense of actual public health, like the ability to work and eat.

And then people rioted once fires were set. Is that such a mystery?

I’m suspicious of your modus operandi because of the way you sold out your constituency before, and went along with Pelosi’s pro-corporate bailout that robbed workers and small business owners of genuine relief.

Hey, you were intel briefed we saw on the congressional record. But we don’t know what was said.

So can you answer these questions then?

Why are citizens reporting with credibility, that community organizers ‘rabble rousers’ from Soros connected BLM vectors were imported in from out of state to organize protests?

Why is the Mayor of Minneapolis on TV as if he’s a critic of power and not the Mayor himself, saying he thinks the police killed Floyd on purpose – which seems likely – but then not acting like he’s in charge of the police department at the level of the reaction of the chief of police?

Why is the Mayor acting just like you?

Why are the police in your constituency allowing agent provocateurs to excite the legitimate peaceful (but rightly energetic and defiant) protests, not stopping the setting of fires and damage to local businesses that would otherwise support the protest and quest for justice in the case of Floyd?

Why are the police not arresting older white men, who seem to have no connection to the community, who were video taped starting the fires and breaking the first windows at the AutoZone that triggered a public reaction, set the tone, and created an avalanche of chain-reaction responses from an already agitated crowd?

Why are the police instead arresting CNN ‘journalists’ in a highly public spectacle instead? Wouldn’t this tend to make the narrative be about ‘police over response instead of the reality of ‘police standing down and letting provocateurs ignite the crowd?

What did you know about these events beforehand, and when did you know it?

Why were two cops, one not white, one with a track record of many complaints, involved in unjustified shootings, and a reckless car chase that killed innocent peoplewhy were they on the force?

Why were they brought in to ‘re-arrest’ Floyd after he was already in the back of a the squad car when he was initially peaceably detained without incident?

When WILL you put down your smart-phone and get into Minneapolis and act like the democratically elected representative in a district that has a major metropolitan center, and stop acting like you’re some peace activist who can only lament the evils of the world?

Shut the hell up and get to work,



Joaquin Flores

Citizen at Large

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