NEW POLL: Russians Oppose Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations


MOSCOW – The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion published the results of a survey on the attitude of Russians to vaccination of coronavirus. Its results are published on the organization’s website and in some aspects are very unusual.

What the majority almost unanimously agrees on is that vaccination should be voluntary – this is the opinion of the majority of respondents (70%). One in five (21%) favored mandatory vaccination in the event of a vaccine with proven efficacy. But 6% believe that such vaccination in Russia should not be carried out at all.

More than half of Russians are potentially interested in getting vaccination: 59% say that if a vaccine with proven efficacy appeared, they would surely or sooner be vaccinated against coronavirus themselves or their family members. One in four claims to have been vaccinated (26%).

The willingness to be vaccinated against coronavirus is higher among men (63%), youth 18-24 years old (68%) and respondents aged 45 years and older (63% among respondents 45-59 years old and 70% in the 60+ group).

Below these indicators are in the age groups of 25–34 years and 35–44 years (47% and 46%, respectively). Among those who showed great vaccination loyalty (they got the flu shot last year), the willingness to get vaccinated against coronavirus is higher – 71%.

About a third of respondents (35%) said they would not be vaccinated even if the vaccine existed. These indicators are higher in the age groups of 25–34 and 35–44 years (47% and 49%, respectively).

The Russians, ready to be vaccinated against coronavirus, express the following preferences for the country producing the vaccine: 47% of our compatriots would prefer a Russian manufacturer, 12% would prefer a foreign one, and more than a third said that it doesn’t matter whose vaccine is produced (37%) .


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