NEW YORK TIMES CAUGHT! Padded Covid-19 Casualties Fear Mongering


The New York Times’ front page of May 24th produced a sensationalized bit of propaganda, whose aims ought to be clear. Just as the U.S is opening up, the NYT appeals to its liberal readership’s bias with this truly problematic and false cover.

“This is what fear-mongering looks like, as well as dishonest reporting. The sixth name listed on this New York Times piece was confirmed to have died in a homicide in March…but then again, notice it doesn’t say “COVID” deaths in the headline, lol.” – Truly Graceful


How many more on the NYT list will pan out as some other cause? What about if we examine comorbidity?

FRN would like to acknowledge and thank YouTuber Truly Graceful for pointing this out on her Instagram account.

This NYT front page upper fold is a patently false misrepresentation of Covid-19 victims, and we have already exposed the pattern of considering all sorts of deaths as ‘Covid-19’ or ‘Covid-19 probable’. Take a look at these pieces where we’ve already established the problem exists:

SECOND DISASTER: 100% Injury rate in Subjects from Gates-Backed Covid-19 Vaccine – UK Vax Group Fails

REPORT: Coronavirus antibody tests lack validity and sufficient accuracy to offer reliable guarantee of immunity

In Covid-19 Hotspot of NYC – Just 0.9% of Infected have Died from Coronavirus

WATCH: UK Chief Medic CONFIRMS Covid-19 HARMLESS to Vast Majority

We also know that the NYT regularly promotes all sorts of industries, pharmaceuticals, corporate and government policies which have killed hundreds of thousands of people, many times over. What’s worse is that the quarter-million (minimum, low figure) Iraqis that were killed as the direct result of U.S sanctions and war upon the country, never received this kind of headline. In fact, the NYT argued for that war until the public was so much against it that they had to correct a situation of undermined credibility. Perhaps the public reaction to Covid-19 will also be pressure that gets this fake news outlet to change its tune. Maybe not.

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