No Lives Matter: 1268 White People Were Shot To Death By US Police-State Nazis in the last Few Years

All Americans are George Floyd.


By Joaquin FloresMay 29, 2020 – The reality of the police state and police brutality affects all Americans. It affects African Americans and Latinos disproportionately. But in absolute terms, it also affects white America abhorrently more than it does the other citizens of other high GDP countries.

We have a crisis in America not only in the epidemic of the police carrying out summary executions, ‘suicide by cop’, and trigger-happy secret cop clubs that award rank and points through killings – but a problem in how the political class frames this and exploits it. The aim is to be divisive and destructive, while appearing to talk about the right questions.

We also have a problem in how we talk about the problem. White, middle-class, guilt ridden liberals are to blame. And their poverty-pimp allies, those one-time-idealistic-turned-corrupt graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, who go on to work on Soros-adjacent NGO and trust-type institutional work, are to blame as well.

They frame the police-state and summary executions as a uniquely black problem. It is indeed a serious problem facing the black community. When we figure that black America makes up about 13% of the population, we can better understand these figures:




While it’s more whites being the victims of the police-state than blacks, it’s certainly blacks being squeezed hard per capita. That probably means that on top of a police-state problem and a justice system problem, there is a race problem laid over that.

The problem today in getting white America to understand the problem of police-state executions is that the fake-left, and the ‘Soros Industrial Complex’, if we can call it that, have conspired – yes we said conspired – to frame the problem in a way that alienates and even enrages many whites.

It isn’t because whites are racist and aren’t sympathetic to the plight of blacks. This isn’t the 1950’s. The median white person today was born in the 1980’s and is a firm believer in equal opportunity and a good and fair life for all. Both the polling and the culture tell us this.

The real issue is that this is a class issue being presented as a race issue.

Whites do not receive the kind of media coverage, in part because the most allowed form of class prejudice for middle-class white liberals, is a militant disdain and hatred for heartland white America. This is, for white liberals, in fact a regional chauvinism (city vs. heartland) and class chauvinism (post-graduate/institutional vs. skilled trades/small business) against other white Americans.

It is therefore double so outrageous in that it parades as a holier-than-thou politically correct anti-racism. It is the secularization of the very same perversion of Christianity that held that wealthier people were closer to God.

This is why it is problematic to racialize the subject of police brutality to the extent that it renders invisible the overall problem of police brutality and, yes, summary execution . But it is also problematic to erase the feature of race from police brutality. At issue is that in Covid police state America, we are all becoming black people.

Black Lives Matter began as a love letter to the black community, by and for black people, from Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Khan-Cullors. This is beautiful and poetic. It is a positive affirmation of a world that should be, but isn’t.

Another positive affirmation is that All Lives Matter. Because they do.

The reality however is that in the police-state oligarchy that is America, No Lives Matter.

Dixiecrats and Neocons promised us that one day blacks would be treated equally to whites. They are very close to fulfilling that promise, but in the perverse way that only the devil would. They have worked tirelessly to reduce all Americans to plantation status.

We must therefore come together and tackle the problem of the prison industrial complex, develop community policing, replace police departments with local and elected sheriffs departments, deputize community elders and keep state power out of the hands of mentally unstable people, who these police departments seem to like to hire, particularly in urban areas.

We can’t do this within the matrix of middle-class white liberal guilt politics. This is not a problem solvable with charity issue, or  philanthropy. This is not about helping someone else who is less well off, or has things harder. Such a view is not only out of touch, but the heart of the problem, both in messaging and in practice.

That is why the corporate media gets this so very wrong, they are the elite and the privileged. That’s why we call them fake news.

All Americans are George Floyd in 2020.

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