Obama Called Protesters Thugs & Here’s How Trump Dog-Whistled This to his Growing Black Base

By Joaquin Flores



By Joaquin Flores –  In politics, memories are short when it’s convenient. Trump, who is exceedingly planful in his messaging – despite what his critics say – has apparently set this one up with no lack of brilliance.

All of this is aside from how one views his own policies, and also the debate as to which policies are really his and which ones are imperative upon him as a result of the structure of US society and its crumbling empire. But Trump’s calculations need to be understood, even if one opposes his aims. Underestimating one’s opponent, even if it makes one feel good is dangerous. It gives one an irrational and undue sense of their pending demise.

What Trump does is say things that seem like mistakes, but are highly calculated utterances that are meant to be decoded by the public, in his favor, after his opponents do all the work of promoting a ‘gaffe’ that wasn’t.

One recent clear example was ‘injecting light and disinfectants’ as a covid-19 treatment, which in fact did several things that worked in his favor. Another recent one was his announcement that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine. US media uniquely had created for the public some sort of strange information bubble, when around the world this ant-malarial drug in use for over half a century had in fact proven useful in treating covid-19 before it became too serious. But really the list of gaffes that weren’t, is a mile long.

Now enter protests, riots, police response, shooting, and thugs.

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The real aim here is to highlight for Trump’s growing black base, that the DNC is hypocritical and has promoted anti-Black policies that have robbed the community for generations. It has grown worse since the rise of Clinton and his infamous 1994 crime bill which Biden supported. Obama could have worked against that, even repealed it with an executive order. The book ‘Listen, Liberal‘ by Thomas Frank is excellent in many ways but relating to this, because it explodes liberal myths about the power of the president to use the executive order even when so-called congressional deadlock has been manufactured.

All together, this highlights the Clinton-Obama-Biden nexus that has been anything but helpful for black people. Black nationalists and revolutionaries, radicals and many from the socialist and communist traditions, understand that. Breaking through the information wall for Trump’s base will also need to happen, because Obama was anything but a socialist and opposition from the black community is often tied to his in-fact being just another corporatist friend of big business.  Whatever one thinks about socialism and communism, many have good reasons for being against it, others not as good, there is an historically radical black left which despises the DNC and the Democrat plantation.

There is also a post-left in the black community, who take a ‘large view’ of the system as one big plantation. They tend towards entrepreneurship and holistic African medicine, sometimes even the tradition of Afro-Carribean voodoo, and promote whole and natural foods. Think alternative Egyptology, comic-books, NWO conspiracy theories, and 9-11 truth. They tend to be anti-vacc, and borrow heavily from Afrocentric themes, Black Israelite conspiracies. Some of these themes were emergent in nascent form already in the 70’s with groups that emerged out of the Black Panther Party, of which Mumia Abu Jamal and his MOVE group were just a kernel.

This is an interesting new black demographic that understands that the real battle is a spiritual one, a Manichean or Christian conflict between the forces of good and evil. They see planned parenthood as a eugenics program aimed at urban communities.

This is what ‘thug’ as a dog whistle and a ‘gaffe’ that wasn’t is all about. Trump is dog whistling, but not to white supremacists. He’s sending a message to a growing vector of support in the black community, not black conservatives but rather a new black republican.

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