WASHINGTON D.C – Fresh revelations show former U.S President Barack Hussein Obama was directly involved in an abuse-of-power plot, and may have committed prosecutable crimes. These appear to show a relation to allegations that Obama was involved in an ‘impeachment scam’ against U.S President Trump. For his part, Trump has officially stepped into the ensuing media battle over last week’s disclosure of notes surrounding the debunked ‘Russiagate’ narrative, leading up to what is now purported as a ‘leaked call’ showing that Obama was connected to sowing discord for Trump surrounding his coronavirus response.

Recall that in March 2017, Trump had already received information that the Obama administration had illegally made use of intel services and wiretapped candidate Trump’s offices at the Trump Tower in New York.

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‘He got caught. #OBAMAGATE!’, Tweeted Donald Trump as he stepped up his attacks on his predecessor for leaked call slamming his ‘chaotic’ coronavirus response.

Replying to one tweet claiming that Obama ‘is the first Ex-President to ever speak against his successor,’ Trump wrote: ‘He got caught, OBAMAGATE!’


On the morning over May 11th, Trump also retweeted a meme, accurately showing the problematic ‘conflict of interest’ ties between DNC insiders and the mainstream media, which the president has termed ‘Lamestream’.


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Trump’s fresh round of tweets using the trending hashtag #ObamaGate, comes after a what is being called a ‘confirmed’ recording of Obama’s call with the Obama Alumni Association leaked on Friday, during which he asserted that Trump’s response to the COVID-19 crisis had been an ‘absolute chaotic disaster’.

The surrounding context relates to the charges against Flynn, now dropped, in which notes were also leaked showing that Obama’s FBI was involved in a plot to trick Flynn into lying. To that point, Trump’s tweets made reference to last week’s dropping of charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn as evidence that Obama had been involved in an ‘Impeachment Scam’.

At face value, it might seem that other statements, separate from the leaked call, alleged to have been made by outgoing President Obama in his final weeks, against President-Elect Trump, would be less than news. But in the context of the set-up of Flynn, and Obama’s campaign surrounding the coronavirus, it becomes a critical piece of evidence in establishing mens rea and motive – legal framings that could prove critical in any potential prosecution of Obama. .

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FRN previously reported on received by journalist John Soloman and shared with television audiences through Lou Dobbs:

John Solomon: I think we’re going to learn tonight or early tomorrow morning, we will see the release of some new handwritten notes that the FBI failed to turn over to General Flynn and his team in almost a three year source in this legal battle. Those notes are going to show that the FBI was engaged in a conversation in how they could trick General Flynn into lying.

Rather resolve the issues that the investigation was designed to, there are references in these notes, according to my sources, to quote “play games” Do we want to resolve this or do we want to catch him in a lie.” If those are in the notes as my sources describe them, it will put the FBI’s work on the Flynn case in the darkest possible light. You’ll actually have FBI proof that the FBI wasn’t trying to investigate facts neutrally, it was trying to quote “play a game.”

Relating to ObamaGate – Obama told his alums that the dropping of charges against Flynn showed that the the Trump administration had put the US ‘rule of law’ at risk, when in fact this ‘rule of law’ was violated by the Obama administration itself in its entrapment of Flynn as part of a broader corrupt intel operation known as ‘Crossfire Hurricane’.

Obama has also long been the subject of much criticism and disdain from large sections of the Democrat Party’s anti-imperialist electorate. They have long opposed wars of intervention abroad, and opposition by veteran’s groups and anti-war Republicans led to the initial success of Obama in 2008, who promised to end two conflicts in the Middle-East and  Central Asia – the Iraq and Afghan wars. In making these promises, Obama picked up key support among moderate Republicans opposed to those wars, once it was exposed that 9-11 was carried out in part by the Office of Special Plans in the Pentagon and organized in part by then VP Dick Cheney.

Instead, Obama would go on to start wars in Libya, Ukraine, and Syria when Hillary Clinton, and then John Kerry, were Secretary of State.

In 2016, Trump was able to successfully recapture those same anti-war Republican voters. Trump has not started any new wars, despite receiving criticism for sanctions on Iran, sanctions on Venezuela, and indirect support for the Saudi war efforts in Yemen. At the same time, he has received praise for his friendly approach to communist-state North Korea, which has been the subject of strange post-modern memetics popular among younger voters.

Given the legacy of Joe Biden as Obama’s VP, these new attacks on Obama bring back to life long held antipathies on both the left and the right against the Obama era, on the part of Trump’s populist electorate. To that end, Trump’s new media campaign are likely connected to his campaign efforts for 2020.

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