Perhaps Trump will beat Rapey Joe Biden, but Russia will have nothing to do with it

By Ivan Danilov

By Ivan Danilov – A month ago, based on the hints of the U.S. president and the specifics of the political biography of his main election opponent, Joe Biden , we predicted that soon in the information field the latter would be compromised due to inappropriate behavior towards the fairer sex.
Recall our April argument :
“Trump, after Sanders left the race, took the opportunity to report some additional incriminating evidence on Joe Biden, and the incriminating evidence is so terrible that he allegedly explains Barack Obama’s consistent reluctance (for which Biden was vice president ) support the latter in the elections. <…> If Trump does not bluff and if numerous rumors about Joe Biden’s specific – not always in accordance with public moral standards – are true, then his triumph is “and the autumn elections may simply not take place, but instead the whole world will freeze again in horror and disgust from the kind of people who are almost at the very top of the American pyramid of power.”
In a sense, reality turned out to be brighter than the most daring predictions. Indeed, Biden was charged – but not with banal harassment (in the era of the MeToo movement in the United States, any careless word, look or clumsy gesture could be considered such), but with physical actions, which can most likely be classified as a real rape. Moreover, the accomplishment of Senator Biden not just anywhere, but right in the holy of holies of American democracy – the Washington Capitol building.
Under ordinary circumstances, one would expect the democratic press to ignore any such accusations at first, and then, in the most extreme case, switch to discredit the alleged victim of sexual violence by the Democratic candidate. That was the initial reaction.
Around the accusations, a mosaic of additional facts and circumstantial evidence began to appear that made the American public feel that even the bastion of anti-Trump media, The New York Times, was forced to pay close attention to all this and demand from Joe Biden’s headquarters not just to talk to voters ( instead of confining himself to denying the problem), but also in every way contribute to the investigation, which, according to journalists of the country’s main liberal publication, to be held in his regard. It is seen that the democratic establishment is experiencing. Very much at the wrong time all this happens. And the main fighter for the rights of women, minorities and social justice in this story looks very bad.
“We need to investigate Tara Reid’s allegations. Americans deserve to learn more about the allegations of sexual violence against the Democratic candidate (presidential candidate). Ms. Reid’s allegations that have seeped for several weeks are serious and expressive. claims that in the spring of 1993, Mr. Biden drove her into an abandoned corridor of the parliamentary complex in the Capitol, pressed her to the wall, climbed under her skirt and penetrated her fingers. Ms. Reed’s brother and several of her friends reported that she was a story She told them about the incident shortly after it happened. Some evidence confirms her words, while others provoke skepticism. “
The most interesting thing in this story is that the alleged victim of the attack from (younger and more active than now) Joe Biden, an employee of his own administrative apparatus Tara Reid, wrote a complaint to him in the profile committee of the US Senate back in 1993.
The entire archive of Senate documents relating to that period of the former vice president’s political career (which should contain files about the complaint and at least some mention of why the senator was not punished) is now stored at the University of Delaware. And representatives of this university, who are very sympathetic to the Democratic Party, have already announced that they are not going to acquaint the general public with the contents of this archive. And this can be taken as indirect evidence that dangerous documents in the archive really there.
It is worth noting that mass rape and harassment is a kind of tradition of American parliamentarism, widespread to such an extent that US lawmakers have a special, absolutely official budget fund – from taxpayer money – to pay for claims from injured employees.
This is a kind of “umbrella” fund, through which senators and congressmen pay not only compensation for rape and harassment, but also for discrimination, as well as other violations related to the work of lawmakers. In almost two decades of work, this fund has paid victims of approximately 17 million dollars.
But it is worth noting that all hearings on charges of this kind are held in a closed format, and the condition for receiving budgetary compensation for the victims is consent to refuse any other claims and never publicly tell about who and what has been done to them.

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Only sometimes the names of those for whom American taxpayers paid liberties are made public, but this is the exception rather than the rule. For example, in 2017, reporters learned that for the inappropriate actions of one Republican senator, the victim received $ 84,000 of state compensation, and the person who fined was forced to leave his post.
Note that even the scandals surrounding the MeToo movement could not lead to the liquidation of this state fund: the senators only decided that now they would still pay part of the compensation from their own pockets.
In this context, taking into account the reputation of Biden, who is a prominent representative of American lawmakers and spent decades in the highest echelons of Washington, the very possible scenario is that the Trump headquarters will throw more and more scandals of this kind in the information field with an eye to so that by the time of the autumn debate his opponent has already formed a reputation, making indecent voting for him. Although, of course, this will not stop many Democrats.
Well, and another side effect, curious for us. After such scandals, especially if they become serial, the USA and pro-American forces in other countries will begin to have some difficulties promoting the image of the United States as an excellent standard of equality and the struggle for women’s rights, and American criticism of other countries will look at least deeply hypocritically.
Tough times await Russian lovers of American exceptionalism.
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