Retired US spook states the obvious about Crimea, adds further thoughts about Donetsk, Lugansk

The new constitution has meaning for Donetsk and Lugansk


Before there was Captain Obvious, there was Horatio, in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: 

“There needs no ghost, my lord, come from the grave
To tell us this.”
For reasons of statecraft it often happens that nobody mentions stuff that everybody knows. But a ghost gives an underline. Or, as Lindsey put it in his 1914 poem Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight “It is portentous and a thing of state.”
Sorry dear reader, I cannot offer you a ghost, only a “spook.”
The spook is Jack Devine, once assistant chief of the CIA. According to his Twitter intro, he is “a 32-year veteran of the CIA, President of The Arkin Group, a corporate intelligence firm, and author of Good Hunting: An American Spymaster’s Story.
His interview is not to be found in the western press, but that is what you read FRN for. We find it in the Russian press, and here it is:
Russia will not return Crimea”: US intelligence agent Devine voiced a forecast for Ukraine

CIA man Jack Devine
CIA man Jack Devine

Former CIA Deputy Head Jack Devine shared his views on whether Russia is ready to “return” Crimea to Ukraine during the coronavirus pandemic. The American intelligence officer believes that the return to the jurisdiction of Ukraine of the Russian peninsula will not happen.

This was the deputy head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Jack Devine in an interview with the Internet publication “Left Bank.”
The American intelligence officer believes that the president of Russia does not intend to give the Crimean peninsula to Ukraine.
This is evidenced by the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin is strengthening his position both on the world stage and within the Russian Federation.“Every year, Putin is becoming stronger and stronger. Putin will remain in power as long as he has health and desire. He pretty well strengthened his position,” said the former intelligence officer.
The ex-top spy believes that the developed new Constitution formalizes the situation that has recently developed in the world. The spymaster notes that the document clearly shows that the Russian Federation will never give Ukraine the Crimean peninsula. In addition, according to him, the new Constitution of Russia will simply fix the real state of affairs, so Kiev may not even hope for the restoration of sovereignty over Crimea.
“Returning to the Constitution of Russia. This is a formalized document that only consolidates the reality, especially the idea that no one can cede the territory of the Russian Federation. It is just a reality. In the meantime, Russia simply captures reality and makes it clear that it will not give up any territories,” he said.
The spy further added that today Western intelligence does not even consider the option that after the end of the cadet of Vladimir Putin, a person will come to power in the country who will become the next president of Russia and give Ukraine Crimea. According to him, Kiev can forever forget about the peninsula.
Also, Jack Devine believes that in the near future the Russian Federation can be replenished with new federal districts. The American intelligence officer said that Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, Abkhazia and South Ossetia could be part of Russia.
“The amendments to the Constitution of Russia talk about the creation of new non-federal territories. This may indicate the legitimization of the previously occupied lands of Donbass, Abkhazia and Ossetia, their further accession,” he said.
Recall that on January 15, 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly announced the need to make a number of amendments to the current Constitution of the Russian Federation. In particular, the head of state proposed establishing the priority of the Russian Constitution over the requirements of international law, securing the role and status of the State Council in the main law, expanding the powers of the State Duma, Federation Council, Constitutional Court, limiting the number of presidential terms, and securing a number of social support measures in the main law.
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