REVEALED: Pentagon Bioweapons Laboratories Detected in Developing Coronavirus by Russian Federation


May 2, 2020 – There is a a network of biological laboratories run by the Pentagon in former Soviet countries that border Russia. There are major questions on whether these objects relate at all to the coronavirus pandemic and Covid-19, as such detections now persist. A correspondent for EADaily questioned the General Director of the Center for Political Information, Alexei Mukhin is interviewed.

Additionally FRN previously covered the revelation of these bioweapons labs by journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva in 2018.

The existence of these labs has been known to FRN for a number of years and we have committed ourselves to the task of exposing them for the public.

A U.S bioweapons lab in Georgia (former Soviet country in the Caucuses, not the U.S state)

– Do you think there is a connection between the work of these facilities and the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic?

– The detected connections have not yet been fully determined, especially since the United States is trying to convince the world community that the virus is non-laboratory in nature. I think experts will figure it out soon though, if they haven’t figured it out already.

Infection in countries with the intention of causing damage at various levels is the reality of our work. So, special attention should be paid to biological laboratories on the territory of the republics of the former USSR belonging to the US, Great Britain and other countries. It is also necessary to create a truly independent International Group to investigate the emergence and distribution of Covid-19 and its analogues. This activity of states, including the United States, must be put under real international control, since we are talking about the survival of human civilization.

– What goals does the Pentagon pursue by financing a whole network of closed bio-laboratories in countries bordering Russia?

– According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, in the post-Soviet space, 65 American secret bio-laboratories operate: 15 – in Ukraine, 12 – in Armenia, 15 – in Georgia, 4 – in Kazakhstan. In the United States, such activity is prohibited . Accordingly, the Pentagon, in its own laws, is engaged in illegal activities (in spirit, not in letter). The goal is the creation of biological weapons directed against the peoples who inhabited the territory of the USSR. Fortunately, biological material is “at hand.”


– What measures should Russia take to get reliable information about the goals and current activity of these facilities?

– Russia should gain cooperation with the countries where the Pentagon bio-laboratories are located, making their activities and work features public. In case of unwillingness to do this, it is necessary to impose severe sanctions – until the conditions are met.

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