Russia is Done With Covid-19 Event 201 Drill: Putin Declares Peak Has Passed as Most Regions Already Open


MOSCOW – The peak of the spread of coronavirus in Russia has been passed, as was announced today, May 26, by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a video conference with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Plans to coordinate the re-opening of the whole country had been previously discussed, with new plans for the Victory Day parade to be rescheduled as well.

“The peak we have, according to experts, is considered passed,” said the head of state.

In a conversation, Vladimir Putin noted the professional work of the personnel of the Armed Forces.

“The military doctors, units of the Ministry of Defense, who assisted the citizens of Italy, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a number of other countries in the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus, showed themselves from the best side.

I must say, we are now also receiving offers of help from some of them. True, the peak we have already, according to experts, is considered passed. Nevertheless, all that you have done goes to the general piggy bank of our interaction with partners around the world. Now you are working in Dagestan, in other regions of Russia, experts from the Ministry of Defense are acting courageously and competently, quickly locating the foci of infection.

Today the president set a date for the Victory Day parade, postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. It will be held in Moscow and other cities on June 24.

The re-opening of the entire country has already been carried out in some regions, based on the local determinations at the city and regional level. Contrary to misinformation given by Bill Gates, Russia is a federation with devolved and decentralized powers. Most of the Russian Federation did not undergo a lockdown and quarantine regimen – such measures were the most strictly observed in St. Petersburg and Moscow and those immediate surrounding regions.

Based on known information, Russia is done with its part of the Event 201 live exercise.

To date, 362,342 cases of coronavirus ‘infection’ have been registered in Russia using the highly questionable methods as those used in Western countries concurrent with the Event 201 drill, 131,129 people are documented as ‘fully recovered’, 3,807 have allegedly died – the vast majority of these north of 80 years of age and had been suffering other life threatening ailments at the time of alleged contraction of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.


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