SANITY: Belarus with just 99 Dead – Never Quarantined – Prepares for Victory Day Parade May 9


MINSK – The military parade on Victory Day, May 9th in Belarus cannot be canceled, despite the situation with coronavirus infection, since this is not a very dangerous event from the point of view of epidemiologists and virologists. The President of the Republic, Alexander Lukashenko , announced this today, May 3rd.

“I must say that we cannot cancel the parade, we simply cannot. I thought about it for a long time. Of course, this is an emotional, deeply ideological thing. It must be remembered that those people were dying, perhaps from viruses and other diseases. But sometimes they didn’t feel it and didn’t think about it, they were dying for us, no matter how dark it sounded. And think what people will say. Maybe not right away, in a day, in two after that they will say that they were afraid, ” BelTA agency quoted Lukashenko at the meeting.

He noted that “there are very few surviving veterans of the war.”

“They understand, and we must save them, although they were the first to request that they be brought to this event. It is clear that they are already over 90. We’ll think about how to deal with them. I adhere to my tactics: the elderly must be preserved. We all see that all these infections, first of all, cling to the elderly, although young people also get sick. Therefore, no one needs to be dragged to this mass event, ” Lukashenko said.

He noted that a military parade is not the most dangerous event from the point of view of epidemiologists and virologists, “because it will be organized as expected.”

According to the Belarusian president, “individual Russian deputies and senators also expressed a desire to attend the parade” in Minsk.

“We welcome this, let them come. If it is necessary to allocate means of communication for this, we will provide. Our airport is open. I think we will agree with the Russian leadership on the flight of those who wish to visit us. We don’t close the doors from our friends and brothers, ”the Belarusian president said.

He recalled that neither in the past nor in the upcoming holidays and weekends were t here restrictions in the country and people themselves decided where to be.

“And it should be noted, we noticed this: people are very careful about their health. Somehow dispersed. There was no such congestion, ” he concluded.

No quarantine has been introduced in Belarus. Despite the warnings of the World Health Organization (WHO), the country’s leadership resumed schooling on April 20, a nationwide furlough was held on April 25, and preparations are underway for a military parade in honor of Victory Day.

In Belarus today, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is 16,705. 3,196 people recovered, just 99 died.

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