Serbia thanks Russia for the fight against Covid-19: “Shoigu always helps us”


BELGRADE – The Minister of Defense of Serbia, Alexander Vulin, and the representative of the Belgrade Mayor’s Office arrived today, May 6, at the operational headquarters of the consolidated Russian-Serbian RKhB defense unit. The head of the Defense Ministry of Serbia praised the professionalism of Russian specialists and thanked for the work done in the fight against coronavirus infection.

The EU’s lackluster response to other member-states’ needs regarding the novel coronavirus, has solidified Serbian opinion at both the public and governmental levels, that entrance into the EU as it exists now, would be an error.

Vulin emphasized that Russia and Serbia have always had a special relationship.

“I would like to take this moment to thank for everything that you have done for our country in such a difficult time. You helped us much more than we could have expected thanks to my personal friend, Minister Sergei Shoigu (head of the Russian Ministry of Defense), who always came to our aid, ” said Vulin.

Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic also thanked the Russian military for their help in the fight against coronavirus infection and handed gifts to the specialists of the consolidated detachment – books about the history of bilateral relations between the fraternal peoples of Russia and Serbia.

Today, the consolidated Russian-Serbian RHB protection calculations continued joint disinfection measures, the Russian military department notes. During the day, 16 objects were processed in the cities of Novi-Knyazhevats, Banja-Kovilyach, Loznitsa and Šabac. Russian military doctors conducted an assessment and analysis of the epidemiological situation, made recommendations on the conduct of anti-epidemic measures in medical institutions in the cities of Leagues, Topola, Novi-Bechi, Novia Knyazhevac and Banya-Kovilyacha.

In total, the Russian combined detachment in Serbia carried out a set of disinfection measures at 16 facilities in 33 cities of the Republic, including more than 346 buildings and structures with a total area of ​​more than 1.42 million square meters and 68 paved road sections. total area of ​​about 478 thousand square meters. Military doctors examined and participated in the treatment of more than 785 patients infected with Covid-19.

* Stock image of Vulin and Shoigu

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