Snopes Lied About Melinda Gates Wearing a Satanic Cross on TV – She Did and here’s the Proof


May 26, 2020 – Snopes and social media continue to run interference for Melinda Gates after she appeared on television on the weekend of May 8th wearing a necklace with an upside down cross, long known to be a satanic symbol

FRN delivered an in depth analysis of her satanic cross, and ran through various possibilities as to why she would wear the piece. Her TV appearance were aimed at criticizing Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, during a timed weekend information blitzkrieg led by Obama, who informed his supporters that the key phrase to use was ‘chaos’ and ‘chaotic’. Melinda Gates would go on TV and say that Trump’s handling as been ‘chaotic’ and ‘total chaos’.

FLORES: Just Why is Melinda Gates Wearing a Satanic Upside-down Crucifix?

But the appearance of the cross provoked a predictable backlash from the public, no doubt one intended by the Gates duo  and social media to in-turn justify a further crack-down on speech rights.

Apologist for oligarchy and empire, Snopes, fact checked the claim with their usual lack of coherency and standards.

While everyone with two functioning eyes could see that Melinda Gates was clearly wearing an upside down cross, Snopes rated the claim “mostly false”. How did they arrive at a conclusion contrary to what everyone else say? They used a low resolution photo, pretending that this was the photo in circulation or that the video TV appearance itself wasn’t in HD. FRN provided both video and photographic evidence that the cross was indeed upside down.

“Based on our examination of the videos in question, Melinda Gates did wear a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a cross in interviews,” they wrote.

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“Due to the low resolution of the video footage and lack of explanation from Gates herself, it cannot be proven whether the cross had four equal arms or one longer arm. If the latter is true, also unknown is whether the cross was intentionally, or unintentionally, flipped upside down,” they added.

They also polled the ‘Church of Satan’, even while lying to preserve their covenant is a critical part of their faith, in worship of the biggest liar in history:

“What’s False -According to the Church of Satan, an upside-down or inverted cross is not an official symbol of loyalty.”

That also seems like a strange use of the word ‘official’ – so it is a symbol of loyalty to Satan, unofficially? Informally? Was the claim made that Melinda Gates is a particular follower of the Anton LaVey denomination of Satanism? Of course not.

They used this image to arrive at that ludicrous and self-serving ‘conclusion’.



Snopes cannot be trusted, nor can the fact checking agencies used by social media. This much is clear. These are being as used as excuses to silence dissent and expose the plans and plots of the satanic ruling elite. People of conscience must realize they cannot take a back-seat and merely observe events, but must increasingly take an active role in bringing Gates et al to justice.

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