TEXAS: The Three Stooges? Who’s REALLY Behind the Failed Venezuelan Invasion?

By Russell Bonner Bentley - Call sign Texas

By Russell Bonner Bentley  – The sad and sordid tale of criminal conspiracy and amateur terrorism that recently unfolded along Venezuela’s northern coast is just another nail in the coffin of the USA’s reputation and credibility. The abject incompetence and the venal fraudulence of the entire operation, along with the blatant lies and miserable excuses, have left the US diplomatic, military and intelligence organizations, along with their hapless flunkies, the objects of ridicule and contempt of decent people all over the world.
As usual… But who is really to blame, ultimately responsible? Who could have stopped it, but didn’t?
That the three American mercenaries involved in this fiasco, Airan Berry, Luke Denman and Jordan Goudreau are all veterans of one of the US Army’s most elite special operations units is most certainly a clear indication of the intelligence, skills, qualities and training of the unit itself, its members, and the US Army as a whole. Once again, the “elite warriors” of the US military were utterly defeated by a group of rural civilians and the local people’s militia.
As in Afghanistan and Iraq, and not unlike in Donbass, farmers and fishermen, taxi drivers and school teachers, coal miners and clerks have brought the US military and its stooges (in some cases literally) to their knees.
And as usual, the captured “warriors” are tripping over each other in a race to be the first to publicly betray every secret and co-conspirator, real or imagined, to say whatever they think their captors want to hear, and to grovel and beg for mercy.  At least, unlike the US Marines captured by Iran in 2016, they have not been photographed crying.
Yet…  Although there is still a chance that Denman and Barry may well get a chance to reprise Ned Beatty’s classic role in the local prison’s amateur theater version of “Deliverance”. And Goudreau has yet to see the inside of a US federal prison. “Yet” being the operative word. And that will certainly soon change. So there may be tears aplenty for all involved before too long…
But in the end, these highly trained and highly decorated “operators” turned out to be just a bunch of punks and chumps, pawns and fools, every synonym for “idiot” in the thesaurus. Used by the real terrorists and criminals who oversaw every step of this pathetic misadventure, who gleefully watched from the shadows, knowing all along how it would turn out, and yet did nothing to stop it.
Trump is far too clueless, and probably never knew a thing, because his treacherous handlers, the scum he has allowed himself to be surrounded by, most certainly knew. And by that I mean Mike Pompeo, Elliot Abrams and Gina Haspel. At least.
The facts are as follows – the USA both officially and openly, as well as covertly through its secret services has again proven itself as incompetent as it is criminal. The US government officially and openly has stolen $1.2 billion from CITGO Oil, and another $342 million of Venezuelan cash and gold bullion was stolen and given directly to Guaido. Guaido offered $212 million to the conman Goudreau and signed a contract for that amount to be paid upon the successful completion of the mission. But Goudreau himself was conned by the greasy weasel Guaido, who never paid a cent, and now claims to “know nothing” of the failed invasion.
Instead, Goudreau got Roen Kraft, an eccentric descendant and trust-fund baby of the cheese-making family to raise a small war chest for the ill-fated mission. The original up-front fee of $1,5 million was never paid by Guaido, though Kraft and his wealthy friends apparently were able to pitch in enough to buy some nice boats and tactical equipment worth around $150,000, including spotting scopes, night vision goggles, two-way radios and 26 American-made assault rifles with the serial numbers removed.

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The tactical equipment was seized by Colombian police on its way to Goudreau’s training camps in Colombia, where malnourished recruits slept on floors and trained with “sawed off broom sticks”.
This ludicrous mission was destined to failure from the get-go.
Whether financed by a Venezuelan traitor with stolen money or trust fund babies with Walter Mitty fantasies, whether Trump’s denial of any “direct” US government involvement is true or not, whether Trump knew or not, it is certain that the CIA knew, which means it is certain that Pompeo, Haspel and Abrams knew, so they were and are complicit in the entire operation, and its failure, by their failure to intervene. 
This complicity by US military, intelligence and diplomatic officers and agents amounts to de facto and de jure state sponsorship of terrorism and multiple violations of international law.
The incompetence, treachery, venality, hypocrisy and prevarication of all involved, whether “directly” or not, make a laughingstock and pariah, once again, of the whole United States. Not just the government, but every citizen who fails to oppose it. Because people get the government they deserve. And the US government represents the US people to the world…
So, Denman and Berry, (both from Texas, BTW) are now in a Venezuelan prison, charged with terrorism and weapons violations that could result in sentences of up to 30 years. The rest of the Colombian mercenaries and Venezuelan traitors on the failed mission are dead, in prison or being hunted down. Goudreau finds himself under investigation by U.S. authorities for weapons smuggling, and the US government is again trying to wipe its own excrement off of its face after another failed imbroglio. And if it has to leave its no longer useful idiots in a prison cell for a decade or two, or arrange a few tragic “accidents” for them, well, that won’t be much of a problem, nor will it be the first time. Not by a long shot.
But the most important point is this –  While it is undeniable that this clown show, this abject imbecility was an act of the utmost incompetence, that in no way infers the US government and “Deep State” were not involved. On the contrary, ultimately and absolutely, the responsibility for this act of terrorism, this violation of international law lies above all with the US government. They knew about it, all along, every step of the way. They knew without a doubt it would end exactly as it did. They could have stopped it with a single phone call, but they didn’t. 
As greedy and guilty as Goudreau, Berry and Denman are, in the final analysis, they are just dupes and pawns, used up and disposed of by the real criminals. I would not like to be in Goudreau’s shoes tonight, or his orange jumpsuit tomorrow, nor would I like to be in Denman or Berry’s BVD’s. They have already said far more than they should have if they ever wanted to see the outside of a dungeon cell again in their lives.
And if by some strange circumstance or miracle they do happen to be released, I would expect a swift and fatal dose of Covid-19 to strike like lightning, or perhaps their tragic “suicide” by a double tap to the back of the head.
So let’s put the responsibility for this shit right where it belongs. At the feet of Pompeo, Haspel and Abrams, and right in the face of Donald Trump, for being, like Denman, Berry and Goudeau, stupid enough to trust them. (And stupid is never good.)
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