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This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 12, articles about Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-Kingdom, United-States, Eu, Eurasia, Finance, France-Eurasia, Brussels, China, Russia, Ukraine.

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Were High Coronavirus Death Rates at Nursing Homes Produced On Purpose? IN DEPTH REPORT

Published 2020-05-27 23:04:33 by Joaquin Flores in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-Kingdom, United-States

FRN reproduces this Off-Guardian piece by Rosemary Frei who has an Msc in molecular biology from a faculty of medicine and was a freelance medical writer and journalist for 22 years.  This is why it’s so important. In the US, states like New York, California, Michigan and a few more which all shared having Democrat Party governors, the same phenomenon was seen. There was a policy of placing Covid-19 positive elderly in nursing homes with otherwise well residents. This would so obviously have the effect of increasing infections among the most vulnerable, and therefore fatalities, that it deserves some serious… Continue ->

Tags: Coronavirus, Covid-19, Plandemic, Scamdemic, TheGreatAwakening, TransitionToGreatness

Hydroxychloroquine – What is the controversy really about? Does it work or not?

Published 2020-05-27 22:42:23 by Joaquin Flores in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-States

Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson – If you’ve watched the news lately, you might be under the impression that a medicine President Trump touted as a possible game changer against coronavirus— has been debunked and discredited. Two divergent views of the drug, hydroxychloroquine, have emerged: the negative one widely reported in the press and another side you’ve probably heard less about. Never has a discussion about choices of medicine been so laced with political overtones. Today, how politics, money and medicine intersect with coronavirus. ——— Full Measure is a weekly Sunday news program focusing on investigative, original and accountability… Continue ->

Tags: Coronavirus, Covid-19, Hydroxychloroquine, QAnon, QArmy, Thestormisuponus, TransitionToGreatness, Video, WWG1WGA

The Theocratic Madness Behind Ayatollah Ratcliffe’s Assault on the Republic

Published 2020-05-27 22:30:51 by Ronald Thomas West in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-States

By Ronald Thomas West – West is a former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. The USA’s new Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, is both; a historical revisionist and a rabid Christian Zionist, in the mold of his predecessor, Dan Coats, as well as Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo. This doesn’t bode well for world peace, when the USA’s core leadership at the top is into a theological fundamentalism that collectively believes in literal Armageddon. “Mayors Bill Cecil (Rockwall), John Harper (Rowlett), John… Continue ->

Tags: Annual Prayer Breakfast, Christian Nationalism, Deep State, Dominionism, IC, Intelligence Community, John Ratcliffe, Theocracy

WATCH: Meet Bill Gates, Corbett Report’s In-Depth

Published 2020-05-27 21:20:07 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-States

By Corbett Corbett  – Originally at OffGuardian – Published May 27, 2020 FRN There can be no doubt that Bill Gates has worn many hats on his remarkable journey from his early life as the privileged son of a Seattle-area power couple to his current status as one of the richest and most influential people on the planet. But, as we have seen in our exploration of Gates’ rise as unelected global health czar and population control advocate, the question of who Bill Gates really is no mere philosophical pursuit. Today we will attempt to answer that question as we examine the motives,… Continue ->

Tags: Bill Gates, Coronavirus Fraud, Corporate Media, Corporatism, Video

MAJOR: UK Doctors Condemn Secrecy Over False COVID-19 Tests

Published 2020-05-27 21:00:30 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Headline-News, United-Kingdom

LONDON – Leading doctors condemned ministers and Public Health England (PHE) for throwing a “shroud of secrecy” over how many coronavirus tests on NHS staff and patients produce wrong results. The Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association (HCSA) has demanded an end to evasion and the wall of silence around how many swab tests result in false-negative readings, The Guardian reported. The tests, in which samples are taken from someone’s throat and nose, are vital in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in hospitals because they are used to check whether NHS personnel and inpatients have the virus and might unwittingly pass… Continue ->

Tags: Coronavirus Fraud, Plandemic, Scamdemic, UK, WWG1WGA

French Economy to Shrink by 20% in Second Quarter as Lockdown Recession Deepens

Published 2020-05-27 20:38:18 by Drago Bosnic in Eu, Eurasia, Finance, France-Eurasia, Headline-News

PARIS – France’s economy, which is the second-largest in the Eurozone, right next to that of Germany, is on course to contract 20% in the second quarter from the previous three months as the country emerges from a nationwide coronavirus lockdown, the INSEE official statistics agency estimated on Wednesday. It would mark a sharp deterioration in France’s recession after the European Union’s second-biggest economy contracted 5.8% in the first quarter, FRANCE24 reported. INSEE announced that the economy of France could contract 8% for the whole of 2020 in the very unlikely scenario that the economic activity returned to pre-crisis levels… Continue ->

Tags: Economy, Eu, France, Lockdown

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Political Overturn? EU Foreign Policy Chief Says World Witnessing US Century Ceding to Asian One

Published 2020-05-27 19:58:42 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Brussels, China, Eu, Eurasia, Headline-News, United-States

BRUSSELS – The world is currently witnessing the end of the US century (unofficially known as “Pax Americana”) and the rise of an Asian one, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said on Monday. “First, we live in a leaderless world where Asia will be increasingly important – in economic, security and technological terms. Analysts have long talked about the end of an American-led system and the arrival of an Asian century. This is now happening in front of our eyes,” he told a videoconference with heads of diplomatic missions in Germany, TASS reported…. Continue ->

Tags: China, Coronavirus, Economy, Eu, Geopolitics, USA

PHOTO -What does a Buk have to do with this? New details of the Boeing MH17 crash revealed

Published 2020-05-27 17:17:43 by Guest Author in Eurasia, Headline-News, Opinions, Russia, Ukraine

By Anton Orlovsky for Rusvesna – May 27, 2020 – In modern realities, almost nothing can be hidden from a person. Progress has been made in almost every direction. This allows you to learn a lot. To hide something, to lie is becoming more difficult. Hiding the truth about the causes of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777 during  flight MH17, will not work. Scientists and specialists continue to refute information that the plane was shot down by a Russian missile launched from the Buk. Further studies have confirmed this. Independent technical expert Yuri Antipov used one of the latest microscopes in the world… Continue ->

Tags: Boeing 777, BuK, Coverup, False Flag, MH-17, MH17, Russia, Ukraine

TREASON: Biden’s Quid Pro Quo Forces Ukrainian AG to Start Criminal Proceedings against Poroshenko for Treason

Published 2020-05-27 14:57:17 by Joaquin Flores in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Opinions, Ukraine, United-States

KIEV – The State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine (GBR) has just opened criminal proceedings on the facts of an illegal wiretap directly implicating Biden’s team in Ukraine. In the case, the parties being persecuted were listening to a conversation of the ex-president of the country Petro Poroshenko with former US vice president Joseph Biden. This could lead towards the further need for the US Attorney General to coordinate efforts with his Ukrainian counterpart in the GBR. Parties carrying out the illegal wiretapping are alleged to have done so under the orders of a team assembled by, or in the… Continue ->

Tags: Biden, Burisma, Corruption, Poroshenko, Quid Quo Pro, Shokin, Treason, Trump, Ukraine

What are the Best 5 Guns To Survive A Pandemic?

Published 2020-05-27 13:41:19 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-States

From the Honest Outlaw Five firearms under $400 to get you through an economic collapse, Plague, SHTF, or the end of the civilized world. I’m not saying it’s going to happen but it’s always good to be prepared. Here is a link to donate to a local shelter in Ames Iowa that could use your support

Tags: Censored Content, Honest Outlaw, QArmy, TransitionToGreatness, Video, WWG1WGA

Liquidity to Infinity – MMT and Anarchy in the USSA

Published 2020-05-27 13:30:26 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-States

By Steve Brown for FRN –  Biden. Corona. ‘Trump 2020’ aka ‘Kushner 2020’. States make up unconstitutional rules while corporations do anything to protect their bottom line. Bill Gates appears telling us we must not attempt to live like Bill Gates. Modern Monetary Theory is announced to the joy of all.  America’s number one avowed ally — at least according to America — has an indicted criminal as its head who publicly mocks the law to the joy of all. Meanwhile an equally corrupt US Central Government colludes with highly-criminalized banks and mega-corporations.   More? The false paradigm of left-wing… Continue ->

Tags: Bezos, Biden, Economy, Gates, MMT, Modern Monetary Theory, TransitionToGreatness, Trump

Something more than a bit fishy about Cummings visiting Castle Barnard

Published 2020-05-27 12:48:43 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Opinions, United-Kingdom

By Rob Woodward for TruePublica – Boris Johnson has offered full support to his embattled senior adviser Dominic Cummings but many questions still remain about the aide’s actions, following allegations that he broke lockdown rules twice. The media are chasing this story down but they missed something really quite interesting. At the Sunday press briefing, Boris Johnson was specifically asked this question – “Did Mr Cummings make a trip to Barnard Castle in April when he was isolating or at least based in Durham?” The PM answered – “I think when you look at the guidance, when you look at the particular… Continue ->

Tags: Big Pharma, Corruption, Cummings, EndTheLockdown, GlaxoSmithKline, GSK, NHS, OpenThe UK, SAGE

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