The Theocratic Madness Behind Ayatollah Ratcliffe’s Assault on the Republic

By Ronald Thomas West


By Ronald Thomas West – West is a former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption.

The USA’s new Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, is both; a historical revisionist and a rabid Christian Zionist, in the mold of his predecessor, Dan Coats, as well as Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo. This doesn’t bode well for world peace, when the USA’s core leadership at the top is into a theological fundamentalism that collectively believes in literal Armageddon.

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“Mayors Bill Cecil (Rockwall), John Harper (Rowlett), John Ratcliffe (Heath), Jerrell Baley (Royse City), Michael Donegan (McLendon-Chisholm), and Bill Broderick (Fate) will host the non-denominational event

““We are excited to announce that our guest speaker this year will be Tim Barton, who is with the nationally acclaimed organization, Wallbuilders, which presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage,” said Rockwall Mayor Bill Cecil in a prepared release.

“The son of David Barton, founder of Wallbuilders, Tim excels in his presentations on worldview and on the truth of America’s heritage” [1]

When Ratcliffe was a member of a petty cabal of small-town religious-right mayors in Texas, the new Director of National Intelligence had hosted America’s premier historical revisionist organization, Wallbuilders, where a top representative (son of founder David Barton) of the noted organization had been invited to ‘educate’ his constituency:

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“He has been described as a Christian nationalist; his work is devoted to advancing the idea that the United States was founded as an explicitly Christian nation and rejecting the consensus view that the United States Constitution calls for separation of church and state. Scholars of history and law have described his research as highly flawed, “pseudoscholarship” and spreading “outright falsehoods”” [2]

Now, this raises a clearly unpalatable question for America’s intelligence community [IC], because if Ratcliffe actually believes the USA had been founded as a Christian or theocratic republic, his is a zero mentality, worse than ‘short-bus slow.’ And if he DOES know better, he is a willful traitor to the Constitution and his nation.

Question: Is John Ratcliffe merely a clueless, religious-right moron in charge of America’s IC or is Ratcliffe a willfully treasonous Christian ayatollah in charge of America’s IC?





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