to enhance European security, get US nukes out of Europe — German MP

SPD opposes Trump, Stoltenberg, and Germany's own FM: Nuclear war must not become feasible

Jürgen Trittin speaks truth to Maas, Stoltenburg, and Trump
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Translator note: I read this news in Russian first, and then went looking for the German original. I give you both.


Greens MP wants US nukes out of Europe, for enhanced EU security. AND the US withdrawal from INF shows that Trump is not to be trusted.
“The security of Europeans will increase and be more solid if US nuclear weapons are removed from the territory of the Old World. This statement was made by a member of the Bundestag Committee on Foreign Affairs Jurgen Trittin. On Tuesday, May 19, reports Die Welt.
The German MP represents Union 90 / Greens.
He believes that the United States nuclear weapons in Europe pose a significant threat of nuclear confrontation with Russia.
“In exchange for the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Europe, Russia may remove Iskander missile systems from the Kaliningrad region,” the German parliamentarian said in his statement.
Trittin noted that the US leadership should not be trusted in this matter. Washington’s sharp unilateral withdrawal from the Treaty on the deployment of medium and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty) showed the degree of Donald Trump’s credibility.”

I have found the German Language source for this Russian language news. Die Welt’s executive summary:

Donald Trump wants to make nuclear war feasible again. US Ambassador Richard Grenell has declared nuclear participation as proof of Alliance solidarity in NATO in WELT. Jürgen Trittin strongly disagrees with him – and uses a different strategy.

By Jürgen Trittin
No sooner had group leader Rolf Mützenich underlined the SPD’s rejection of further nuclear participation than the unfortunate SPD foreign minister Heiko Maas had to contradict him. But immediately many felt called to take part in the SPD dispute. After all, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg could still rely on Maas’ interference. Many would have wished him this courage when Turkey broke out a war contrary to international law. But then he asked for understanding.

At least since Trump’s ambassador Richard Grenell interfered in the SPD debate via WELT, it has been clear that Mützenich has stirred a wasp nest.

This is surprising at first. Because there is nothing new in the SPD position. It is party program. Even in 2010, the Bundestag, including the then ruling CDU / CSU and FDP, was unanimous in this view.

Even the current coalition agreement is formulated more like a test order.

Most of the arguments put forward for nuclear participation are also not new. For example, that nuclear deterrence is needed as long as there are nuclear weapons. This was said in the Cold War – and Grenell is not afraid to repeat it.

Unfortunately, the experiences from that time speak a different language. The threat of mutual suicide – nuclear deterrence is nothing else – has not led to more security but to an atomic arms race. In the Cold War, the world was always on the brink of nuclear war. It would have been the last on earth.

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It was not diminished until the two blocks agreed to gradually reduce their threat potential. When they reduced, it led to a reduction in the nuclear threat of around 90 percent over two decades.

Neither is the attempt to declare willingness to participate in nuclear power proof of Alliance solidarity in NATO – as Grenell insisted.

However, nuclear participation is not even a prerequisite for participating in the nuclear planning group. Others who do not host US atomic bombs do the same.

It is also well known that “Germany’s participation in nuclear hosting” (Grenell) does not mean we have a say in whether and where the atomic bombs in Büchel are dropped. Because the power of disposal over these bombs is not with NATO. Trump alone decides on the use of the bombs in Büchel. It is not with Germany – that would violate the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Donald Trump alone decides on the use of the bombs in Büchel.

We are now with what is new. In 2018, the United States launched a new nuclear strategy. It still contains the deterrent doctrine that Grenell also quotes.But the United States also wants to develop new capabilities that also allow the use of tactical nuclear weapons and develop submarine-based cruise missiles. The nuclear war should thus be feasible – below the threshold of nuclear suicide.

To do this, you need to upgrade. So it was logical that Donald Trump then in 2019, terminated the contract for the ban on medium-range nuclear missiles in Europe.

And part of the new US military strategy is the modernization of the tactical nuclear weapons as they are in Büchel.

This is the reason for the new excitement across the Atlantic and among the Union’s cold warriors. Because the modernization of tactical nuclear weapons cannot succeed without the active help of Germany.

The new US nuclear strategy can only be implemented if Germany actively buys new launching systems such as the F-18, if its pilots continue to be trained to drop atomic bombs over Germany, Poland or the Baltic States.

For Europe, it doesn’t matter whether tactical or strategic nuclear weapons are used here. The result is equally devastating. It would be the end of Europe. Making the nuclear war feasible, as provided for by the US strategy, means to decouple the security of Europe from North America.

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