Trump Okays Movement of Iranian Oil Tankers to Venezuela


CARACAS – May 24, 2020 – Iranian fuel tankers for Venezuela are approaching the economic zone of a Latin American country. There they will be taken under guard by the Navy of Venezuela.

According to Marinetraffic, the Fortune Iranian tanker is approaching Venezuela and will enter the waters of Venezuela this morning.



Following them across the Atlantic Ocean are four more ships with fuel from Iran. The entire caravan stretches for 900 miles and is approaching in South America at a speed of 14 knots per hour.

The last tanker from the Iranian caravan is located 1000 miles from Venezuela. Illustration:


Recall that the Minister of Defense of Venezuela promised to meet Iranian tankers in the economic zone of the country. He did this after the United States began to discuss how to stop the supply of Iranian fuel to the Latin American country. Iranian Defense Minister Amir Khatami at the same time advised the United States not to impede Iranian tankers on their way to Venezuela.

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Earlier, The Wall Street Journal reported citing a source in the White House that the US presidential administration is considering introducing new sanctions against Iran and is considering other measures to block the export of Iranian oil to Venezuela.

The WSJ has been called ‘fake news’ by President Trump, noting that its various source citations from the White House have proven false.

The facts on the ground today speak that Trump does not consider the Iranian oil tankers to be a legitimate target within the rubric of the anti-drug operation in the Caribbean. This campaign is believed by Trump’s base to also be related to stopping international human trafficking.

Officials noted that the US Navy is conducting an anti-drug operation in the Caribbean and theoretically could inspect Iranian tankers. Later, however, a representative of the US Navy rejected the idea of ​​using the fleet for verification. Among the possible measures, the White House is now considering the introduction of sanctions against the crew of tankers or the confiscation of these tankers through a court in the United States if the ships stop at a transit port for refueling on the way back to Iran.

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Recall that due to US sanctions and the oil crisis, the Venezuelan fuel and energy industry was on the verge of collapse. And, according to Reuters, Iran has already provided assistance to the Latin American country. So, materials were brought to the Cardon refinery to restore the operation of catalytic cracking equipment, which provides deep oil refining for gasoline production.

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