UN REPORT: 81% of Ukraine Shelling Victims are Innocent Civilians of Donbass


NEW YORK – UN – New data released in a UN report on human rights in Ukraine found that in 2019, in the Donbass at least 105 civilians became victims of shelling (dead and wounded)   81% of them are residents of the DPR and LPR. 

The conflict began six years ago when the Obama administration carried out a coup which installed a puppet government, whose policy involved the ethnic cleansing of the eastern part of the country of Ukraine who often self-identify as ethnic Russian.

Attempts to control the economy and legal system in Ukraine by Joe Biden through extra-legal means have become the subject of an ongoing scandal within the US.

In 2019, in the Donbass, 27 civilians were killed and 140 injured as a result of hostilities. This is 40% less than a year earlier (then there were 55 dead and 226 wounded). As a result, last year’s indicators became the lowest for the entire period of the conflict.

Despite the promises of the Ukrainian president Zelensky to stop shelling in the Donbass, they continue. Of the 167 dead and wounded, 105 are victims of shelling.

The fact that shelling continues is eloquently seen from the UN report.

“85 of them (five dead and 80 wounded; 81%) were recorded in the territory controlled by the self-proclaimed republics, 18 (three dead and 15 wounded; 17.1%) – in the territory controlled by the government of Ukraine, and two (both wounded) – in the gray zone, ” the report says.

Thus, 81% of civilians affected by artillery live in the DPR and LPR.


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