Why did the U.S Abandon Development of the ‘Mother of all Atomic Weapons’ ?


Russian Political analyst Ivan Mezyuho , commenting on a story that ran on the American website We Are The Mighty, which simulates the dropping of a thermonuclear bomb on Moscow, says: “The American media use the language of hostility and continue to distribute materials that in no way bring Moscow and Washington closer to establishing normal relations.”

According to the publication, even if a bomb were dropped over the heart of the Soviet Union, it would “poison the vast territories of Western Europe and probably the United States.” The creator of the American thermonuclear bomb Edward Teller worked on high-power weapons in the last century . The simulation in the NukeMap simulator, which is designed for a maximum power of one hundred megatons, showed that if a bomb is dropped a hundred times weaker on Moscow than Teller planned, this will lead to nuclear fallout at a distance of about 1.5 thousand kilometers, the United States will not suffer . However, from a bomb with a capacity of ten thousand megatons, the effect could be a hundred times stronger, the American media notes.

As Ivan Mezyuho notes, the fact of the release of such material suggests that anti-Russian myths and cliches still live in the US press.

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“The output of such materials resembles the days of the Cold War, these are some unhealthy trends. We can say that this article looks very symptomatic, given the difficulties in US-Russian relations. In recent years, we have become accustomed to the fact that politicians in the United States accuse Russia of mythically interfering in the American elections, of all possible sins, and all this happens without proof. But if there is no sound logic in real politics, then there is nothing to be surprised at the release of such materials in the media, ”said Mezujo on Sputnik radio .

We Are The Mighty notes that the US has abandoned the development of a bomb of such power, since its use would lead to the destruction of millions of innocent people. In addition, the US nuclear arsenals are “large enough to destroy the world several times.” “Do we need one bomb capable of this?” – the author of the article writes.

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