YouTube Goes on Speech Suppression Spree – Deletes Channels Covering Ukraine – Golstein, ANNA, NewsFront

Unchallenged Truths are Worthless. Worse than Lies. - Golstein

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Google, owner of Youtube, has unexpectedly wiped the channels of three Russian-speaking news outlets, including News Front and ANNA – explaining the decision as based on “terms of use violation.” Vladimir Golstein, whose News Front interview today is now available through VK, tees off: I have asked his permission to post his essay here on Fort Russ – Tom Winter



Unchallenged Truths are Worthless. Worse than Lies.

By Vladimir Golstein

So I woke up early this morning to do an interview with News Front, Russian information channel that tends to report on Russia, Ukraine, Donbass, and other sensitive political points. The anchorman, Sergei Veselovsky, loves Russia and feels strongly about its critics; his show is respected, neither he nor his guests mince words, and they all take an unabashedly patriotic position. But most importantly, they express their opinions based on the facts that they possess. It is up to the audience to agree, disagree, challenge, or turn it off.

I like the show and the host, and this is not the first time I participated. It is in Russian, and it is usually watched by 2-5 thousand people on youtube. Really insignificant number, which would hardly make any difference no matter how you look at it. It is not like Snowden and his revelations or some dangerous propaganda of medically disastrous behavior.

Yet, it is this news outfit that Youtube has decided to crush, and take it off the air. Both the present and the past shows, mind you. It is so petty, pathetic and stupid that one is really at a loss. Why? Just why?

We all know about the importance of freedom of speech. It is the part of US consciousness, let alone the constitution and amendments. But on a more philosophical level, what exactly does shutting down someone else’s opinion mean?

It is the naked king who gaslights his court to convince it that he is dressed and is afraid to be called naked. If you are dressed well, let the critics call you naked. So what? You can prove that you are dressed. Just show them your pants or shirt.

So the attempt to silence means that deep inside you know that you are naked. Deep inside, the US knows that it has decided to call “ours” really nasty SOBs – the crooks and nationalists in Ukraine. It knows that America’s own establishment had signed a devil’s bargain with these crooks, corrupting both sides. That’s why they don’t want to be exposed.

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It means that you are not sure about yourself, of what you are doing or thinking. It is the evil that does not want to be seen. The first thing the villainous bastards do in King Lear is to put out the eyes of Gloucester so that he would not witness their evil acts.

If you want something good for your country or for your allies, you have to improve. And you improve only by incorporating criticism and by overcoming challenges. There is no other way. And conversely, if you shut someone up, you immediately reveal that you are up to no good. That you don’t want to be exposed.

Gorky was very much shocked when already in 1918, Lenin began to ban things right and left. Claiming that freedom of speech is the “bourgeois category” and therefore should not be respected. What nonsense! It is the category feared by liars and thieves. If you believe in what you are doing, you should be able to argue and explain it and fend off challenges.

Yet, Lenin knew very well, that his claims about workers and peasants and all other promises were bogus. So the critics – who actually came from workers and peasants – were silenced for being “bourgeois,” while the bourgeois crooks like Lenin and his side-kicks began to talk on behalf of workers. That’s the only explanation of his harsh methods, that continued all through the Soviet period. The pseudo communist party knew damn well, that they were the party of the impostors. And it is the impostors who want to hide their identity and actions.

So the Soviets tried to silence the most obscure and opaque texts for reasons that they themselves forgot. Just to show the power, just to show that they can. Just to punish someone who dares to think, write, paint, or dance differently. OK, that was then and there. But why is the USA doing that?

It is the petty actions like that that tell me louder than anything that something is rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark. That something eats their conscience or whatever is left of it. Have it your way, youtube. You are not fooling anyone.

In the comments, the article about this idiotic decision, and the link to my show, that tells you that the video is not available.

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